Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government Shutdown - Week 1

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but I work for the government.  But not the currently shutdown federal government.  However, I'm still affected by the shutdown.  I work on a county level, for the Benton County Conservation District.  The funding for my job coming from the state of Arkansas, and we provide technical assistance to our local NRCS office (Natural Resources Conservation District - federal), which is a division of the USDA (federal).  The shutdown affects me because I work in the NRCS office, which is a federal office building.  I have a federal computer.  My files are backed up on a federal server.  Therefore, I can't work.  I really didn't think this whole shutdown thing was going to happen, and then when it did I didn't think it would be but a day or two.  At first.  Now, who knows.  Since this blog is a journal of my life, I thought I'd document my days during the shutdown.  Might be interesting to look back at some day.  And just a warning, my life is boring. :-)

October 1
Had to go into the office for a shutdown procedure.  
Our office was officially closed a little after 9.  I took some soil samples to the Extension Office, the last piece of 'business' I had to do, and headed out of Bentonville.  Ran a few errands, which including buying Sara Kate some jeans and leggings for the upcoming cooler weather.  Had lunch with Chris, which I never get to do since we work in different towns.  
Went grocery shopping, which was lovely in the middle of the day, except for having to dodge all the little old ladies who were slowly doing their shopping (sorry if that offends any little old ladies reading this!).  Folded a load of clothes, picked up around the house, and watched some TV before having to go pick up Sara Kate from school.

October 2
Had a non rushed morning getting Sara Kate ready for school, which was nice.  
Dropped her off around 8:15 and went to the Fayetteville trails for a run.  Ran 4 miles and headed home.  
Showered and watched some TV.  Got dinner in the crock pot and did some laundry.  Watched more TV and surfed the web while waiting for Chris and Sara Kate to get home.

October 3 - Happy birthday to my mom!!
My brother came into town late Wednesday night to teach a class at NWACC on Thursday morning. Sara Kate was ecstatic to spend some time with her uncle before he had to leave. 
We left shortly after he did, and I dropped her off at school around 8:30.  Came back home and did nothing.  Watched TV for a while.  When Phillip was done with his class, I picked Sara Kate up from school early and we went and met him for a late lunch.  Headed to the park to play for the remainder of the afternoon.
October 4
Morning came early as Sara Kate was up at 5:30.  Not like I'm sleeping in during this time off!  Sara Kate was excited to wear her Razorback dress to school for spirit day.
And speaking of spirit, I hung my adorable new wreath that was a late birthday present from my brother and sister in law.  LOVE IT!!!
Dropped a sleepy Sara Kate off at school around 8:30 and came home for a bit.  Checked email and the news and watched some TV.  Headed out around 10:30 to go meet my friend Elizabeth for a run. Ran 3.2 miles on the Fayetteville trails.  Came home, showered, had lunch, unloaded the dishwasher, rewashed a load of laundry from last night that I forgot to hang up, picked up the house, and took a nap.  The nap part was glorious.  Went to meet Chris to run an errand before picking up Sara Kate.

That concludes Week 1 of the government shutdown.  Hopefully Week 2 will bring us returning to work, but if not, I'll be sure to continue to document my time off!

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