Thursday, October 17, 2013

Government Shutdown - Week 2 & Week 3

I'm in week 2 of being furloughed!  Trying to stay busy and 'enjoy!' :-)

October 7
Dropped Sara Kate off at school around 8:30.  Had to run a few errands, including taking something to Chris at his school and going grocery shopping.  
Came home and got dinner in the crock pot.  Made some yummy cookie dough truffles, too!  Delish!  Met Chris for a run (ran 4 miles) before going to pick up Sara Kate.

October 8
Baby girl is 3 and 1/2 today!! 
Sara Kate had an eye doctor appointment at 8:15 to check on her Exotropia (which I still need to blog about).  Thankful for a good appointment.
Got her to school around 9.  Came home for a bit before having to go to a work event.  Went to a field day at one of our farms in Benton County.  The NRCS guys couldn't go but seeing as it was at one of my board members farms and I'm not federal, it was a good idea for me to go ahead and attend.  
Headed back to Fayetteville and stopped by Chris' school before going to pick up Sara Kate and take her to dance.

October 9 - Happy Birthday to my Dad!!
Dropped Sara Kate off about 8:15.  She was excited to wear her new pink sparkly shoes that are just like her cousin Hannah's.
Headed to the Fayetteville trails and went on a 3.2 mile run.  
Came home, showered, got dinner prepared and in the fridge, and headed to Huntsville to see my girl Julie, who is also furloughed.  We ended up going to Eureka Springs for lunch and to hang out.  Was nice to get out of the house and hang with a friend.
Headed home around 4:15 and Sara Kate and Chris were already home when I got back.

October 10
Sara Kate was in all kinds of crazy moods.  She swayed from throwing a fit because I wouldn't give her a sucker at 7:30 am to being a major goofball.  Don't love the 3 year old attitude but I sure do love her funny little personality!
Dropped her off at school around 8:30 and ran a few errands.  Came home, did a little dinner prep, did some house cleaning, and did some laundry.  Went and met Chris for a run (ran about 3.2 miles) before going to pick up Sara Kate.

October 11
Woke up to some unfortunate news that our dog Cody had gotten out of an open fence at my in-laws house.  

Got dressed and drove over to their neighborhood to look for him before taking Sara Kate to school.  

Dropped Sara Kate off at school around 9 and had to go to the high school for a choir rehearsal...I was asked to play my flute for their concert.  
Headed home quickly to finish packing before picking up Sara Kate around noon.  Chris got home a little after we did and and we headed south to El Dorado for the weekend.


October 14 - Columbus Day (federal holiday) 

October 15
Was a rainy, cool day and I spent the day doing alot of nothing!!  Got started watching Giuliana and Bill on E! around noon and watched that show for hours, until I had to start getting ready for Chris' choir concert.  Attempted to fix my hair a different way...I say I failed with the curling. :-)

October 16
 Sara Kate was precious this morning.  She was happy and funny and talkative.  She was so excited about her 'Halloween outfit' too!  She said, 'Take my picture, Ghee is gonna love it!'
 Because tomorrow is the debt ceiling deadline, I figure this might be the last morning of the shutdown so I went on a long run after I dropped Sara Kate off at school.  Achieved a personal record...5 miles!  Yay!  
Ran a couple of errands and came home to watch the news.  The Senate has reached a deal to reopen the government so maybe we'll go back tomorrow.  

Took a short nap (will miss the naps when we go back!), did a little laundry, and watched a little more TV until Chris got home.  We went to pick up Sara Kate and went downtown to watch the Fayetteville High School homecoming parade.
 And the shutdown ended late in the evening so Thursday we headed back to work.  

This concludes my attempt at 'journaling' my time being furloughed.  Hopefully we won't be back in this same situation in January!

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