Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thankful on September 11

Last year we started a new 'tradition.'  I think I can call it a tradition because we did it for a second time today, and I feel strongly that it's something we will continue to do in the future.  I read online somewhere that on 9/11, as a thank you to our firemen, policemen, or first responders, we should do a good deed or thank them in some way.  The best way I can think of to thank them is with food!  I was short on time this year, as this has been a crazy week, so I made some frosted brownies, and we went to visit the firemen who service our area.  This morning I told Sara Kate we were going to the firehouse after school and she was so excited.  Last year she was terrified once we got there, but every time we have driven by that firehouse in the last year she has said, 'We went to the firehouse and saw the firemen and I got my picture taken with the firemen.  I want to go see them again.'  Even though she was terrified, it made an impression on her...the whole point of this adventure.  You can read about last year's trip to the fire station here.  Anyway, she was excited to go visit them today and give them our 'super special dessert'...her words!
She walked right into the fire house and gave the nice man our brownies.  I say nice man because he was so nice and friendly, but unfortunately, I didn't get his name!
He invited us to go into the garage area and see the trucks, which Sara Kate was so excited about!  Last year she didn't want out of my arms.  This year she walked around like a pro and looked at everything and even took pictures by herself!!
He offered to let her get in the truck with mommy and honk the horn but she wasn't into that!!  That is the one time she got shy!  We made big strides this year so maybe next year! :-)
She wanted to go see all the trucks!  She walked around each one looking at them in awe.  It really amazed me seeing her so enthralled with everything.
We told the firemen thank you for all they do to keep us safe, and we went on our way.  Sara Kate gave the sweetest hugs without even being prompted.
Giving these wonderful men some brownies or cookies or whatever is just a small token of our appreciation.  I hope they always know how grateful our community is to have them every day, not just on a memorial day like September 11.  And by doing this tradition, I hope Sara Kate grows up respecting these men (and women) and remembering that they are always out there keeping us safe.

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