Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A thank you to our firemen

Last year on 9/11 I saw something online somewhere (you can see that it really made an impression on me, ha!) to do something nice for the firemen, policemen, first responders, etc. in your community to honor them on this difficult day.  The good deed or nice thing or whatever you want to call it stuck with me all year long.  I decided that this year I would make some Cake Batter Truffles (so delicious...you can find the recipe where I blogged about them previously here), and we would take Sara Kate and go to our local fire station.  
It was kind of good timing because Sara Kate's teacher told me they had been talking about firemen and what they do and what if they had to visit their school and stuff like that.  I came home from work, Chris had Sara Kate color a card, I loaded the truffles on a plate, and we headed to the fire station closest to our house.  The guys there were so nice...we met Jeremy and Jeremy, and there was one other guy but I didn't catch his name.  We told them we brought special treats in appreciation for what they do to keep our community safe.  And they were very appreciative of that.  Sara Kate got so scared and so shy and she wouldn't even look at them, much less talk to them!  They took us through the firehouse and out to see the trucks, and she still was so afraid.  But the guys were so sweet and brought her stickers and a fire hat.  She loves stickers but she is not so much a fan of hats!
We asked her if she wanted to take a picture with the fireman and she said 'no!' but she said 'yes!' to taking a picture with the fireman and mommy.  We didn't get a picture with all 3 guys, but here we are with our new friend Jeremy.
He then offered to take a picture of me, Chris, and Sara Kate, and I told him that we came to see them but it is a nice family memory to have.  The lighting in the picture is awful because of the sun angle coming through the garage, but I'm glad we have the image.
Chris and I are glad we went to the fire station to visit, and we said we could make it an annual tradition.  We aren't in New York City but firemen (and policemen and paramedics and lots of others) have a job like no other.  They protect us and keep us safe, and we should always be thankful for that.

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