Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sara Kate Update

I feel like I haven't written much about Sara Kate lately.  I mean, I write all the time about what WE'VE been up to, but since I don't do her monthly posts anymore (which I miss), I feel like I'm not writing much about what's going on with her.  So exactly has been going on (and this is an honest look at what's going on!)?
Apparently Sara Kate is having a hard time in her new class using her 'listening ears.'  Every day last week on her take home sheet it said her behavior was 'fair' and some days involved time outs and it's all because she's not doing well at listening and obeying.  I talked to her teacher about a week after the move to see how she was doing and her immediate response was 'Well, she's a busy girl.'  Ouch.  She stressed that the transition from the Pygmy room to the Skipper room was a harder one because this new class is much more structured, where as the Pygmy room still had alot of free play.  She stressed that she would be fine, and all the kids were struggling with the transition, but I just want her to be the perfect child, ha!!  Sometimes it sucks being a perfectionist!  I know she's learning and thriving at school (she seems to know new stuff all the's pretty amazing) so I know she'll be ok.  She's 2 and not listening is part of growing and learning and being 2.  But we're really working on listening and following directions.  Anyone have any advice?? :-)
Notice her shoes Thursday morning before school...yep, she picked them out.  Remember that perfectionist thing I just mentioned?  Yep, well she didn't wear those shoes into school, that's for sure!! :-)
Potty training is not going well.  Sara Kate is such an I'm-gonna-do-things-in-my-own-time kind of kid.  She's always been that way...rolling over, crawling, walking...she was perfectly capable of hitting all those milestones before she actually hit them but SHE did them all in HER own time.  And now potty training is the same way.  She knows when she's wet, when she pooped, when she needs a new diaper, etc.  And she will sit on the potty at home (begrudgingly at times) but nothing will happen.  We try to make it fun...we make up songs about the potty and big girls and dance around to get her excited.  Nothing.  We bought her potty months ago and I think it was right around when she turned 2 that her teachers at school told me she pee pee'd on the potty for the first time.  When I saw talked to her new teacher after she moved to the Skipper room I asked her about the potty thing and she told me that Sara Kate will use the potty at school.  Well of course she will, all her friends are doing it.  The thing is, she wants to wear a Pull Up at home (she does at school) but we stress that big girls wear pull ups and big girls pee pee in the potty.  But nothing.  In her own time, I know, but dang it's frustrating!!  Any advice??  :-)
Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote that I thought we were finally over the seperation anxiety hump during drop offs??  Well, I now retract that statement.  It's back and it's horrible.  I hate dropping her off and leaving with her crying!!  I know her teachers redirect quickly but it still sucks.  UGHHH!  Any advice?? :-)
On a brighter note (because I feel that this post has been a Debbie Downer post), Sara Kate has learned SOOOO much lately.  She's talking like crazy and has gotten much easier to understand, she repeats ANYTHING, she sings songs constantly, she likes counting (she can count to 20, although she leaves out 16), she knows her ABC's and can sing the song like a champ, she is a pro at her colors, she still likes watching Baby Einstein and will do the sign language for what they are talking about, she still loves Elmo, she all of a sudden loves watching Barney (boo!!), her hair is long enough for me to pull back (mommy loves this!!), she loves puzzles and books, she loves being outside, she LOVES animals...she's just a little person with a funny, adorable little personality and she's turning into such a big girl!
Now if only we could get the 'listening ears' and potty training down...ha! :-)

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