Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sickness & Fake Sickness

Saturday started out as a perfectly normal day.  Sara Kate had gymnastics, we ran errands, came home and had lunch, and that afternoon we ended up going to Berryville so the cousins could play. 
The kids had tons of fun and before we left, we all ate dinner together at this new Mexican restaurant.  On the way home Sara Kate started talking about her stomach hurting but we just kind of ignored it because she was very tired.  Plus she was thinking back to when she got sick one time over the summer.  But at 4 am, she came into our room.  I intercepted her at the door and took her back to her bed where she started shaking and whining and crying and saying she felt sick.  She would run to the toilet and just cough.  Nothing.  We would cuddle.  Then she would run to the toilet and just cough.  Nothing.  About 4:45 she layed back down and I told her I would sit beside her.  Then she bolted up and ran towards the bathroom and actually started throwing up.  After that we cuddled on the couch where she fell back asleep but I couldn't so I watched reruns of football games and Sports Center on ESPN.  Right as I was getting ready to doze off, she woke up (around 6:30) and she acted fine!  She wanted to play but we still decided it would be best if she stayed home from church.  
Around 8:00 she layed down in the chair and dozed off but 30 minutes later she shot up and into the bathroom she went.  She threw up again.  To make a long story short she got sick 2 more times, but once was because she drank too much too fast.  I'm convinced it was something she ate Saturday night that made her sick because of what came back up and the fact that she never ran a fever.  She fell asleep around 1:30 and when she woke up at 2:30 she was fine.  We played the rest of the day...puzzles, books, swinging, going down the slide, and riding her bike.
She played hard and was worn out by 8:00!  Good thing because mama was worn out too!!

This morning on the way to school, she starting talking about when her stomach was hurting and when she got sick because she went to see Hannah Saturday.  I explained to her she wasn't sick now and she got sick because of something she ate.  At almost 11:30, I got a call from her teacher.  Miss Julie said Sara Kate was crying and whining and kept going to the bathroom because she needed to throw up and would just cough...the exact same series of events that happened Saturday night before she threw up.  So I left work and went and got her.  They were so nice and wrapped up her lunch that she didn't touch for me to bring home.  I even picked her up a Sprite from Sonic on the way home to help settle her stomach.  When we got home she acted like she was going to run to the bathroom, but then she said, 'I'm ready to play!'  And she did.  She played with her Little People, she played puzzles, she ran around, she twirled, she wanted to go outside, and she even ate her lunch.  I think that little turkey played me!!!!   
By 2:00 when she still wouldn't go down for a nap I told her that if she didn't take a nap, I was taking her back to school!!  That's all it took for her to nap.  Mama is so mean, ha!  Sure, I have work to do, but being home on a random day with my kid isn't so bad.  The weather is nice so we have taken advantage of it and played outside.  In all reality, I think maybe her stomach started hurting and she automatically started thinking of Saturday night because it was so recent and she thought she was going to be sick.  I think that's probably what happened.  But it's ok.  When it comes to being sick, I'm sure at this point in her young life she doesn't know any better.  Hopefully she is fine and doesn't end up getting sick later.  Fingers crossed! :-) 

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