Monday, September 2, 2013

Game Day!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."


Saturday began a glorious season in Fayetteville, Arkansas...FOOTBALL SEASON!!  We have been on pins and needles waiting for our first game and for the Coach Bielema era to begin and it's finally here!  We always look forward to football in the south is a way of life!  I know it sounds corny but it's true.  Our Saturday's revolve around what time the game is, what time we go tailgate before the game, the time we get to spend again with friends after the game waiting for traffic to let up, what kind of food we are going to enjoy, what we are going to drink that day, what we are going to wear, etc.  Needless to say, it's a fun time!  
Sara Kate had an adorable new dress to wear (thank you Rhea Lana sale!!) but much to my dismay, I couldn't get a good picture of her or a good family picture before we left.  She had been up since 5:45 and it was getting close to the time she would have napped.  It's not the perfect image I always have in my head, but it's pretty cute.
We headed to the home of our friends, the Morton's, and the festivities began!!  Lots of good food, good friends, and good fellowship ensued!  My parents always come up Labor Day weekend and it's kind of become a tradition that them and Sara Kate come to the first tailgate with us.
  Sara Kate tends to be a chip thief...caught red handed...little sneak!
But she's a super cute chip thief if I do say so myself! :-)
Along with lots of human interaction, there is plenty of canine interaction at these affairs.  This is new baby Lola!  And you can see Penny in the background. :-)
This is Baxter.  He's a cool trick dog when it comes to the pool!
Wade appears to joyfully be on dog patrol...ha!
The fun guy on the right is our friend Richy, and he's from Dublin, Ireland.  He is pictured with his lovely wife Joanna and his parents, who are in town visiting for a couple of weeks!  So fun that they got to experience Hog Ball!
Sara Kate loved having her buddy Landry at the party!  They are too cute together!!
I love her and her mama so much!
And finally, these are my beautiful, awesome friends.  Love them too!  We couldn't find Leah but she should be in this picture also!! 
The one thing we were not looking forward to about Saturday was the heat!!  Our first game of the season was at 3:00 in the afternoon and it was almost 100 degrees, with a heat index of right over 100 degrees.  Miserable!  Thankfully the University allowed us to bring in an empty water bottle and they had water coolers stationed all over the stadium so we could go refill for free to keep hydrated.  That was nice!  I think I filled our bottle up 4 times!  Chris took his camera to the game and got some awesome images!  He told me I should take mine but I'm sure my pictures wouldn't come close to his!  Unfortunately we sit in the nosebleed section, but one advantage is we can see everything!
Over all we had a super fun day.  The game was waaaaay hot but fun...we won 34-14, yay!! After the disappointment of last season, anything is an improvement!!  But the offense looked really good and the defense showed glimpses of good things and glimpses of not so good things.  And we still can't figure out why Coach B had on a white jacket on a 100 degree day...I'm talking a long sleeve jacket, zipped all the way up!!  Wow!  But game 1 is in the books and we are looking forward to our next game and the rest of the season!  Go Hogs!!

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