Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Welcome 2013!!  Our first week of 2013 has been uneventful, busy, and kind of crappy all at the same time!  I'll attempt to explain that.  :-)  We didn't do anything grand for New Years but we did go hang with some friends at a kid friendly party.  Sara Kate got to play with her dear friend Remy and a few other kids and the adults got a little game time in.  I love game nights.  It's a shame we don't do them anymore.  I think we'll try to do more of that in 2013.  Anyway, Sara Kate and Remy are big buddies and he even gave her New Years smooches!
New Years day I woke up feeling crappy!  Let me back up and say I've been fighting the crud since before Christmas.  Christmas Eve I started taking Mucinex and Ny-quil and by December 31, that combination was no longer working.  I made it through the day and dreaded having to go back to work the next day after a long break.  At 7 am on Wednesday I called the doctor, got an appointment at 8, and was at work at 10.  With a diagnosis of 'probably a bad sinus infection but no pneumonia or bronchitis,' I got a prescription for antibiotics and some cough pills.  After taking my last antibiotic today, I still have some sinus pressure, still have some drainage, and still have a blasted cough that will NOT let up, and therefore am exhausted from coughing my head off 24/7.  The cough pills from the doctor don't do a single thing to help out so I've been doubling up on Robitussin (yes, probably not the thing to do) and trying not to get kicked out of my bed at night.  Here's hoping the 2nd week of 2013 will bring me a little relief and keep the rest of my family well.  So that's the crappy part of the first week.

The busy part involves just getting back into the swing of things after being off work since December 22.  My work is hectic this time of year plus I'm playing catch up also from being off.  Sara Kate went back to school last Wednesday after being gone since before Christmas also.  Her first day back wasn't good; her teacher said she (along with all the kids) had a terrible day with listening and following directions plus she wouldn't take a nap.  Thursday was much better, although our day started very rough.  Sara Kate has become quite opinionated on her wardrobe and if it's not JUST RIGHT, she might throw a little fit.  That combined with just being woken up when she wasn't ready to wake up isn't a good combination.  It's a miracle I made it to work on time. 
But we made it through the first 3 days back so hopefully this week will help us get a solid routine back in place.

And when I said uneventful, I meant that we had nothing planned.  Just alot of hanging out at home and playing, which of course is always fun!  We have played lots of Play-Doh, done lots of coloring, worked lots of puzzles (the sweetest thing is when Sara Kate excitedly looks at her daddy and says 'wanna play princess puzzle?'), and of course played with the new kitchen (which she calls 'chicken' because she mixes up the 'c' and 'k.'  It's precious and cracks me up!!).
One other 'first week of 2013 note' to mention occurred Friday night when Sara Kate fell out of her chair at dinner trying to reach her seat belt and got a major knot on her head (see picture above for bruise 2 days later).  She landed on her hands but her head hit the floor.  We put an ice pack on it off and on, combined that with some Tylenol, and she was fine.  Dinner of pizza and yogurt and a sucker for dessert definitely helped make things all better!!
An Angry Birds band-aid with Poppa also helped make things better.
So after a great 2012, we welcome 2013.  

2013, we welcome you and look forward to what you have to offer!  We ask that you be kind to us and our families and friends and bring us lots of fun times and good memories!  We don't greet you with resolutions or changes to be made, but we embrace the potential for change in the new year according to what God has planned for us.    

Hope everyone's new year has started off on the right foot!

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