Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Today was a dreadfully cold day.  Working outside on a dreadfully cold day pretty much leads to a dreadful day.  Yesterday it was 70 degrees and we had 2 tornado's in our area, one not too far from here, and today it was 30 degrees, it spit snow and sleet all day, and the winds were brutally cold.  I came home to a little surprise from the husband, which made my dreadful day seem not quite so dreadful.  We have a great little cupcake shop in our town called Bliss Cupcake.  And when their logo says 'a mouthful of happy,' they mean it!!
I have only been there a handful of times, the most recent was back in the summer when I took Sara Kate, but it's delicious.  I follow them on Twitter and Instagram so I see yummy cupcake pictures constantly.  Tonight I got some of my own.  Yay!  In this box there were 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate milkshake, and 2 Razorback red velvet.  I've had the red velvet before but never the other 2 flavors, although I've always wanted to try the chocolate milkshake.
During dinner, Chris told Sara Kate she had a special prize waiting for her after she ate.  The phrase 'special prize' is the key phrase to get her really really excited and it gets her to eat her dinner (and no we don't use the phrase often but she knows what it means).  When she finished eating, she excitedly looked in the box and said, 'I want red.'  I took chocolate, and Chris took vanilla.  Sara Kate took one bite of her cream cheese frosting on her 'red cupcake' and said 'I don't want it.'  And she wanted Chris' 'white one.'  'I want the white one.'  So being a good daddy, he traded with her.  And she was in heaven.
She ate not quite half of it before she said 'I don't want it, it's shooey.'  (We use shooey to mean gross, like don't touch that, it's shooey.)  Nooooo, it's not shooey, we told her!!  But she was done.
So Chris and I had to take one for the team and finish the half eaten vanilla cupcake.  And it was to die for!!!!  Shockingly, I would say it was better than the chocolate (I'm a chocoholic for those who don't know!!).  And after dinner I was soooo full but thankfully I was no longer in quite in such a dreadful mood.  Now if I could just warm up! :-)

If you live in Northwest Arkansas and have never been there, go to Bliss Cupcake!!
  Or if you are traveling to our area, plan a trip to Bliss!  You won't be sorry!

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