Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hog Ball

I have a couple of things to blog about but since today is 'The Big Game' I thought I'd blog sports!  Who doesn't like reading about a good sporting event?!  Don't answer that.  Haha!!  Chris and I haven't had a good date in a while so yesterday I thought I would surprise him with plans.  I talked with his mom and dad about watching Sara Kate and then I bought us tickets to go watch some Hog Ball!!  We go to football games every year but we rarely go to basketball games so it was a different kind of day for us.
The Razorbacks were playing the Tennessee Volunteers at Bud Walton.  Our basketball team seems to be hit or miss with wins; sometimes they look awesome and sometimes they look like crap.  But we picked a good game to go to because we were able to watch a WIN!  Chris is a great photographer in my book, and he likes any opportunity to use his camera gear.  A ball game is a great reason to snap some pics!
Seeing as I'm a huge football fan, the highlight of the game was being there to see our new football coach, Bret Bielema, get introduced to the crowd and speak!!  That place was LOUD when he walked onto the court!  I'm so pumped for football season!!
We also got to see the one and only Nolan Richardson on the court at halftime for some recognition.  Very cool afternoon!  
After the game we went to a local place called Sassy's Red House for dinner.  It's a cool sports bar/restaurant and it's where our basketball coach has his weekly press meeting.  They had these really cool beer mugs and I wanted it so bad!  I asked the waitress if they sold them and she said no but they get them because Coach Anderson does his press meeting there.  She said they seem to disappear.  I can see why!  And NO I didn't take mine! :-)
Know what the next best part of the day was??  When some of the basketball team came in to eat!!!!!  We were eating in the bar area and watching the Florida/Ole Miss game and one of the guys was standing right next to me.  And one of the guys that came in was our star player, BJ Young.  I obviously embarrassed Chris because he told me to stop staring.  I'm SUCH a dork!!  HAHA!!  He said he couldn't believe I didn't get my phone out to take a picture and would you believe I didn't even think of that! So needless to say we had a very fun dinner! :-)

Since today is the Super Bowl we are cooking some food and just hanging out getting ready to watch the game.  We got invited to a party but Sara Kate wasn't feeling good last night, complaining of her ear and head hurting, and she has been in a super weird crabby mood today so we decided to stay home in case she's coming down with something.  So who will we root for?  I don't really care, but I inadvertently dressed Sara Kate in purple today so I guess we'll say Go Ravens!
Hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoys the Super Bowl!!

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