Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Week

Another week has come and gone, and it was a different sort of week for me.  Chris had to go out of town for work so I played the single parent role.  Before he left town and since he was going to be out of town for Valentine's Day (which I really don't care anything about), we had a little date night.
I think I can say that Noodles is one of my most favorite restaurants in NW Arkansas, plus it's local and I always enjoy supporting local businesses.  They have this grilled chicken dish that has a jalapeno lime cilantro cream sauce, and it's simply amazing. Yum!!  Basically, if you have never been to Noodles, you should check it out!!
Yes, I took a picture of my food.  But you needed to SEE how amazing this dish is! :-)  And no, I don't eat the jalapeno's, they just add good flavor.
Wednesday morning we had to say goodbye to Chris, which we were sad about.
With Valentine's Day being Thursday, I spent some time Tuesday night and Wednesday night making Valentine's for Sara Kate's class.  I baked these heart cookies, bagged them, and tied them with a valentine that said 'you're a 'tweet heart' valentine.'  Not overly creative, but a little different than just the regular paper valentine cards (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with!!!).
I picked Sara Kate up from school on Thursday and thought I would take her to Chick-Fil-A for a fun dinner and some play time.  But we got there and it was packed with some kind of Valentine event and we saw the cow inside through the window.  She said 'I not go in.  I not go in.  I stay in the car.'  After the fiasco involving the cow at Wave's birthday party a couple weeks ago, I agreed and we just came home and spent the evening together.
Saturday we traveled to Berryville for Hannah's 5th birthday.  I can't believe our sweet niece is turning 5 tomorrow (February 18)!!  Chris was sad to miss her party but he got to spend time with her last night and today so that was good.  And Sara Kate was beyond thrilled to go to Hannah's house and to go to Hannah's birthday party!  Her party was at the bowling alley, which was fun for her and her friends.  Plus it was Sara Kate's first time to bowl, if that's what you can call what little kids do, haha!!
Sara Kate had a great time, of course.  But as the mother of a 2 year old who was in emotional overdrive from excitement and who had had no nap, it was the most stressful party I've ever been to!!  But we loved celebrating with our sweet Hannah.  
Hannah and Hayden came back to Fayetteville last night so we got to spend more time with them last night, today at church, and at lunch.  Hannah and Sara Kate crack me up.  I know I've mentioned it before, but Sara Kate copies everything Hannah does.  They had me rolling during the last song of our service, and I had to record it.  It takes them a few seconds to get into it so wait for it!!
The kids had a little more cousin time this afternoon before everyone headed home.  I love that they are so close and love each other!
So that's what's been going on with us.  I have a couple things to write about soon...including potty training!!  So stay tuned! :-)  Hope ya'll have a good week!

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