Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lights of the Ozarks

Downtown Fayetteville is BEAUTIFUL during the Christmas season.  It's called 'Lights of the Ozarks,' and the city starts decorating back at the beginning of November (I was off a day the first of November and several rows of parking spots were blocked off downtown because they were putting up lights!).  We always go there and see the lights but I was so excited to take Sara Kate this year.  She was so aware of seeing lights on houses and trees around town so I knew she would be in awe of the lights downtown.  We actually went to see the lights about 2 weeks ago but she was not behaving or listening so we didn't stay long.  Mom and dad came into town on December 23 so we decided that evening was the perfect time to go!  It wasn't too cold plus grandparents available to take pictures and help wrangle a busy 2 year old is always a plus! :-)

Sara Kate was so excited to see the lights!!  And what was SO cute and precious to me (and a random person that heard it) was that she kept saying she 'wanted to touch the Christmas.'  Precious.  I hope I always remember memories like that.
For those that have never seen it, our whole downtown is completely covered in lights.  We didn't get alot of pictures because of wrangling that busy 2 year old but I just love seeing our little downtown every Christmas season.
A couple of years ago I heard that Lights of the Ozarks was going to be shut down because the city didn't have it in their budget to pay for it.  Then I heard an anonymous donor stepped forward to cover the costs.  Is that true?  I don't know, but Chris took a picture of this the night we we were there.  I guess local support helps make this Northwest Arkansas tradition happen.  And it is quite a hot bed of activity during the holiday season!!
Here's an attempt at a picture with my busy girl!  This was in a spot where she was 'touching the Christmas' (touching the lights wrapped around that tree behind us).
 I was so glad my mom and dad were there with us.  Sara Kate's first Christmas (when she was almost 9 months old) we went to see the lights for the first time with Chris' parents.  I love making memories like this.  And of course Sara Kate loves her Ghee and Poppa!
And once again, we were glad my parents were with us so we could capture a family picture!
Anyone who visits Northwest Arkansas during the holidays or lives in our area should visit downtown Fayetteville!  We are so glad we live here and can experience this local tradition every year!

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