Thursday, December 6, 2012

Notes From the Teacher

I've had some very amusing notes come home from Sara Kate's teachers, and I've been stock piling them in a list with this blog topic in mind.  Some notes are good, some notes are not so good, and some notes are just plain hilarious.  This topic might even pop up on the blog from time to time, depending on what Mrs. Dawn and Ms. Natasha have to say! :-)  And by the way 'Lonely Street' is their time out bench.  How sad is that?!  Haha!
 - Sara Kate was trying to pull her nap mat over by her friend during nap time.  When I asked her not to, she looked at me and said "no" and did it anyways.

- Was so helpful this morning!

- Had an "off" day - not really herself today. :-(  She was very sweet though! :-)
- A friend fell down on the playground today and Sara Kate helped them up, dusted them off, and said "don't cry, shake it off!"  Super cute.  :-)

- Sara Kate is really starting to do good on her worksheets!  She really tries to trace!  Getting great pencil control!  Using her listening ears! :-)

- Not following directions on the way to the playground.  But she ate a great lunch and loved dance time!
- Love her!  She wants me to pat her back to go to sleep!  She is listening much better!

- Had some trouble following directions, would tell the teachers "no" when asked to do something.

- She is such a good helper.  She cleaned up a big mess another kid made without being asked to.
- I asked her to do something today and she looked at me with the sweetest smile and said "No!"

- Had a rough time with listening ears and being gentle with friends.

- Sara Kate had a hard time listening and following directions.  She enjoyed story time and did a great job at circle time.  She played great with her friends!
- She got sent to Lonely Street for not listening and following directions.  When I went to talk to her about why she was in time out, she smiled and giggled.  So she stayed longer.

Mommy (when I went to pick her up): Hey, Sara Kate!
Sara Kate: Mommy, mommy!  I went to time out today!
Mommy: Oh, you did?  What did you do to get in time out?
Sara Kate: asldf jkadsjf lkadsj alksdfjk adsjf (jibberish)
Director Greg (saw him in the hall as we were leaving): Sara Kate and I were not buddies today.
Mommy: Oh really?  Why not?
Director Greg: Well, we were out here in the common area doing something and I asked her to do something and she looked at me and said "No!"  So I put her in time out.  She didn't like me very much after that.
Mommy:  *blank stare* Well, she told me she went to time out and now I know why!
I had a parent teacher conference a couple of weeks ago with her lead teacher, Mrs. Dawn, and she assures me that Sara Kate is doing VERY well.  They are really figuring out what makes her tick...what makes her happy, what makes her upset, etc.  She loves helping so if she's having a rough time they get her to be a big helper.  She's very much a follower so if she sees another kid doing something they aren't supposed to do, Sara Kate will unfortunately follow and do it too.  An example is last week Chris picked her up and she said, 'I went to time out!'  He asked her why and she said 'I hit Maddie.  I hit Maddie in the face.'  He asked her why she did that and she said 'Maddie hit Ka Kate (what she calls herself) in the face.'  Lovely.  She's had a string of good reports lately, but this week has been rough.  But I was assured all the kids have been overly crazy this week for some reason.
I'll mention one last story that involves a bad day that included a visit to the directors office according to her take home sheet (WHAT?!?).  I saw one of the directors a day later and asked what a visit to their office meant, and she said just being pulled away from their class may make them think about why they are in trouble.  She assured me that it's definitely their age, and that everyone in her class (and then went on to list several kids) is having a hard time with the listening and following directions.  Not that that is good, but I'm so glad my kid isn't the only one!!

That's all for this installment of 'notes from the teachers.'  Join us next time and maybe there will actually be more positive notes than negative ones (positive thinking, haha!)!

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