Saturday, December 22, 2012

Charlie Brown Christmas

Last year for Christmas my best friend gave Sara Kate the book, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.'  It has the buttons off to the side you can push to make sounds that go along with the story.  She didn't care much for it last year but has LOVED it this year.  I think we started reading it back in October or November.  Her favorite part is at the end when the kids all sing 'Hark the Harold Angels Sing' and it ends with them saying 'Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!'  She will sing along at the top of her lungs, doing her best to get the words.  It's precious and I got it recorded last weekend.  
In other Christmas related news, I think we're about ready!  We got our tree up the Sunday after Thanksgiving and Sara Kate quickly learned not to touch the tree!  In fact, her favorite thing to say is 'don't touch the Christmas tree or you go to time out!'  I touched it the other night and she said, 'Mommy!  Don't touch the tree!  You go to time out!'  Sassy little thing.
We only put on the red and gold plastic ornaments.  I didn't even put on my silver bells this year.  With her grabbing ornaments and running daily there for a while, I didn't even want to risk breaking something.  We need a new tree skirt also, which we never bought so it's kind of sad looking, haha.  It's not perfect looking this year but our pastor preached a great sermon a couple weeks ago about while we're trying to find the perfect tree or perfect strand of garland or perfect poinsettia, that's not the purpose of the Christmas season.  What a great reminder, as the day before I was trying to buy the perfect poinsettia's for the church and every day I think about how un-perfect our tree looks this year.  But I suppose it is perfect for this season in our lives.
We can't wait to see Sara Kate on Christmas this year.  She is very aware of the tree and lights around town and the songs and her Christmas outfits, and that is so exciting.  So as everyone finishes their last minute prep, we hope ya'll have a great weekend-before-Christmas!!

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