Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's are those things on a roof called? Oh yeah, Shingles!!

Once again, I'm a blog slacker. I got the 'I'm blog stalking you' line from my sister-in-law to be the other day. Ha! This past weekend was crazy busy...Chris had a college friend in town, the last home Razorback game, which meant the all important last tailgate of the season (and I can't believe I didn't get any pictures because all 3 of us all decked out in our Hog attire...darn!!), and Sara Kate decided that sleeping was for suckers! Not really, but her sleeping was a little off over the weekend so that lead to one tired mommy. Instead of blogging Sunday afternoon, I opted to take a cue from the new mommy's guide...sleep when the baby sleeps! And a good nap we both took!
This week has been quite hectic as well, and I'm glad the week is half over. The week started like any other for me, school for Chris, and school for Sara Kate. And then I decided to go to the doctor Tuesday morning for a little rash that had been hanging around since Friday. And she told me what I had suspected based on Google...I have come down with a lovely case of Shingles. Ugh!!!! Definitely not so lovely. Chris had Shingles several years ago, and we don't really remember to much about it, other than him remembering it was uncomfortable. My rash is on my right shoulder blade area and down the back of my right arm. It follows nerve paths so the doctor suspected it came down from my brain stem and wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with rash down the back of my neck. I'm on an anti-viral medicine and she gave me some pain pills. The pain is so odd and so hard to describe. Because it travels down a nerve path, it affects nerve receptors. Yesterday afternoon I felt like the back of my arm was on fire. And right now the pain on my back is like stabbing pain. And it itches, yet hurts all at the same time. Of course, my big concern is Sara Kate but the doctor said that Sara Kate would be fine. And the meds wouldn't affect my ability to breast feed her or my milk supply so that's good. I'm just annoyed and tired b/c I'm not sleeping good because I can't get comfortable because of this dang rash. Ugh!! So that's what I've been up to!!

And how's the babe? Sara Kate is doing great. After a visit with my sister in law last week, Jenny said that she may be teething on the top and bottom at the same time. Jenny could feel something on top, where as we've been able to feel the tooth pocket on the bottom. Still no teeth in sight, though. On the food front, I made butternut squash for Sara Kate over the weekend. And the verdict?? She loves it!! She seriously devours that stuff and gets mad when it's gone. Although we suspect it's affecting her ability to poop. Poor kid was acting constipated and then has had some big! I'll stop talking about her poo now. :-) I've got some pears at the house I'm gonna make tonight. As much as she likes apples, I can see her really liking the pears. We'll see!
This picture makes me laugh...she's like, you talkin' to me?!?
Now I'll leave you with a little sneak peak from Sara Kate's 6 month photo shoot. LOVE is all I have to say! I can't wait to see the rest!!

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