Friday, November 5, 2010

"Eye" Spy...

Hope everyone has had a good week. All I've got to say is hooray for Friday!! I've been having a heck of a time getting up this week. Maybe because it's gotten chilly and I'm so comfy snuggled in my nice warm bed. Anyway, only time will tell if Miss Sara Kate will let us sleep in a little in the morning. I probably just jinxed us. Ha!
Today Sara Kate had her baby eye exam!! A long time ago I had heard about free eye exams for babies but kinda forgot about it. At her 6 month appointment, we got a paper that mentioned it, and my eye doctor just happened to be on the list of doctors that provide this service. And I just happened to already have my yearly eye appointment scheduled for 2 weeks later. Perfect! So I asked Dr. Mertin about bringing Sara Kate in and she was excited that the doctors are actually passing out the information to parents. The point of the visit is to check for Retinoblastoma, which is an eye cancer in children...there happen to be a couple of cases in northwest Arkansas that I'm aware of, and she mentioned that. They also check development like, reflexes, ability to follow objects, etc., and they can check for extreme near or far sightedness. Sara Kate did great! She is slightly near sighted right now, but Dr. Mertin said most babies start out that way and it works itself out by the time they are 5. Interesting. I asked about genetics and vision, and she said genetics can possibly give us an idea of what Sara Kate's vision will be like, but not always (Chris and I have pretty good eyes). So only time will tell with that. She also commented on what beautiful colored eyes she has! And we definitely agree! Our sweet pea passed her baby eye exam with flying colors and everything looks great! She will go back when she's 3 and then again when she's 5, or around when she starts school.

On a different note, I LOVE a baby with animal footie pajamas!!! Just adorable! My mom bought Sara Kate these jammies before we knew she was a girl, and now she can wear them. I'd say that she loves animal footies, too! They are super fun (and easy) to grab onto!

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