Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours has been busy. And YAY for a short week next week. And by short, I mean super short! Chris is off all week and I am only working Monday. Tomorrow morning I'm probably going to be thinking, what's the point, why didn't I take Monday off, too. Ha! But lets go back to the weekend.

Actually, let me start at Friday morning. We found out some VERY exciting news!!!!! I haven't shared this on here, but I'm gonna be an aunt again...which means Sara Kate is gonna be a BIG cousin!!
Yep, this little girl...
Is going to be a big cousin to a little BOY cousin!!!!!!!! We are so thrilled for Jenny, Jason, and Hannah!!
Now onto the afternoon. I picked Sara Kate up from school with hopes of coming home, feeding her, feeding myself, changing her, and the 2 of us heading to the Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show...I won 2 tickets on a blog give away. Yea!! Anyway, things didn't go exactly as I had planned. She was super fussy because she hadn't gotten a good afternoon nap (even though I told her school to put her down between 4 and 4:30...they put her down at 5:15 and I got her at 5:30). So she was cranky. She ate pretty good, but by the time I was getting her dressed to go Chris called and said he was on his way home from the church (he had been at a wedding rehearsal). So he came home and watched Sara Kate and I went to the show by myself. I kinda felt like a loser because I was there alone but I was able to take my time and look around and what I wanted. I got Sara Kate the MOST adorable dress....seriously, how stinkin' cute is this?!?!
I also got her a Christmas bow, and she had to model it yesterday morning, even though she still had on her jammies. It's cute...very different from her other bows.
I also picked up her 'Baby's 1st Christmas' ornament and a few other things I cannot discuss here because they may or may not be gifts. :-) The snowman dress is my FAV!!!! While I was out Sara Kate stayed home with her daddy, and I got home in time to play with her a bit and get her ready for bed. That was our evening!

Saturday we spent time playing, and then Sara Kate and I ran to town to pick up a wedding gift. Saturday was a big day for us because it was our first time to leave her with a baby sitter that was a non family member. We have dear friends from church that have a 16 year old, and Ali has been chomping at the bit to watch our kid. Chris' mom was busy Saturday so we gave Ali a call. I wasn't nervous about leaving her with I said, we love Ali and trust her completely. I was more nervous about Sara Kate being fussy because she hadn't had a nap and maybe Ali wouldn't know how to put her to sleep. It all worked out. They played hard while Chris and I went to a wedding at the church, and we were back home 2 hours later. Ali said Sara Kate was fine, but she did get a little fussy and didn't want to take a nap. I figured that would happen. Oh well, hopefully we didn't scare Ali off. Ha!
Here's Sara Kate and Ali...they'll be good buddies!! You can tell the babe has tired eyes.
Saturday night was the BIG game. My 2 teams, battling it out (for those that don't know, I got my bachelors degree from Mississippi State and my masters degree from the University of Arkansas).
I didn't get to watch the whole game because we had to go to Wal-Mart for food and diapers, but we definitely watched the end, which was a nail biter!! Hogs came out on top, but it was a hard fought victory. Both teams played great. Now it's onto the final week of the regular season, Hogs vs. LSU and State vs. Ole Miss. Go Hogs and Dawgs!!

Today we had church and our normal Sunday activities. Sara Kate did great in the nursery while I taught kids church during second service. Chris was in there helping out, too. My mother in law and I did a little running around this afternoon, as well. Sara Kate was with us and she was great as usual. I love that kid. This evening has our friend Peter coming over for dinner. He is dog/house sitting for us while we go to El Dorado for Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, we have LOTS to do to get least we have lots to do in my mind. Laundry, packing, more packing...we're gonna end up taking so much stuff for Sara Kate, I'm sure. This is our first time to travel with her so wish us luck...ha!! It's a 5 hour trip, and she's eating every 4 hours...sometimes she can stretch to 5. But I don't see her hanging in her car seat for 5 hours. I'm just nervous about how it will go...but people do it everyday so I'm sure we'll be fine!!

I'll leave you with another sneak peak of Sara Kate's 6 month pictures. We got the CD Saturday, and I think they are fantastic.

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