Monday, November 22, 2010

Gobble! Gobble!

Ever wonder what the turkey's look like before they end up on your table?? Well here ya go! (If you were not wondering you should probably look no further!)
Ironically, the week of Thanksgiving I ended up having to go to a turkey farm (this was today). When I realized the irony, I had to go back, open the side door, and snap a couple pictures. Don't these guys look like they just want to end up on someone's table? Ha! Actually, big male turkey's like this end up being cut for lunch meat (these aren't full grown). It's the smaller female's that you eat for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And there is your poultry lesson for the day! I actually have a funny story about going into a turkey house with giant male turkeys (I'm talking like 40 lbs!!!). I went in with the farmer and stayed within arm's reach of him. He had these wand things with ribbon on them to wave around to keep the turkey's back because they get mean when they get big and they will come at you. It was completely terrifying. To this day I can see those big male turkeys with their beards (yes they get beards) coming at me. Anyway, that night I dreamed that I was being held down by a giant turkey. In actuality, the cat was sleeping on my legs. Hahahaha!!!!
And now for my little turkey (excuse the blurry phone pics)!
Sara Kate is teething terribly right now and is just generally unhappy about everything. This morning she cried when she got lotioned up. She cried when I put her shirt on. She cried when I put her socks on. She cried when she got in her car seat. Poor kid is just miserable. She's had a low grade fever and is drooling like crazy. To top her unhappiness off this morning, I set her down at school to play with a toy and a little girl beside her reached over and grabbed her paci out of her mouth. And she cried. Poor baby. Speaking of, I better go....she's about to the cry stage now. Wish us luck with our travels tomorrow, especially with an unhappy teething baby. I'm afraid it could be a rough trip! I'll try to update when we get to El Do!

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