Sunday, August 18, 2013

Razorback Fan Day 2013

Today was Razorback Fan Day at Bud Walton Arena.  It's a cool event where they have all the players and coaches available to sign memorabilia, they have posters and some other free stuff, and the cheerleaders and mascots are walking around available for pictures.  And it means football season is just around the corner, yay!!  We went last year, and looking back at my post and pictures from this time last year Sara Kate looked so little...maybe because she had very little hair (but she still had a bit of a baby face)!!  Last year fan day was held on Saturday morning and this year it was on a Sunday afternoon, which we thought was kind of strange but oh well.  We had kind of planned our day around Sara Kate napping and going to Fan Day.  But then church ran long, I didn't get to go running with my friend like I had planned, Sara Kate got to nap late, and I just didn't think we would make it.  When she woke up(on the wrong side of the bed I might add), she didn't want to do anything!!  She didn't want to go see the Razorbacks (which she always wants to do), she didn't want to change clothes, she didn't want to pick a dress, she didn't want to wear shoes...but then she finally picked a dress, got changed, and got excited to go see the Razorbacks!!  We did get there pretty late but players were still hanging around and so were the cheerleaders.  First she got 'face painting' on her arm, and she picked out a heart.  Just like last year she did so good just sitting there letting the girls paint her arm, and when they were done she was so proud.  She said, 'Hannah's gonna love it!!' (Hannah is our niece, who Sara Kate adores, and she had a huge temporary tattoo on her arm yesterday, haha!)
After getting her arm painted, we walked around and found some sweet cheerleaders to take pictures with.  Just like last year she had no fear going to these girls and boys and getting her picture taken!
We made our way to the floor of Bud Walton, where there were different lines for different groups of players.  Like I said, we got there pretty late and people were just mingling around, including the players!
This picture is HILARIOUS!  This guy is HUGE!!!!!  Like twice my size!  Hopefully his size translates to awesomeness on the field!! We'll have to watch for him!
And my favorite picture, of course, is with Sara Kate and the cheerleaders.  She went right to them, they let her hold their pom poms, and she just beamed!
Right after this picture, she looked over my shoulder and started screaming bloody murder.  Of course, the Razorback mascot was coming down the stairs.  I've mentioned it before, but she is TERRIFIED of any kind of mascot....the ones at the zoo, the cow at Chick-Fil-A, and of course the Razorback mascot.  I hid her head in my shoulder and turned her the other way to distract her, and about that time a sweet cheerleader came over and gave her her pom poms.  I thought that was so sweet.  She wasn't too interested at that moment, but as soon as we got out of there she was loving them!  Mama may be more excited about it right now, but I know she will grow to appreciate stuff like that!!
I love living in a college town, being able to go to things like this, and being able to have these experiences with Sara Kate.  Since this is our second year, maybe we'll make a tradition out of it!  Go Hogs!!


  1. All of these pictures are adorable! Love them all.


  2. Looks so fun! I'm glad she's so outgoing for you. As you know, that's not the case for me. :)

    GO HOGS! And congrats to Chris on the new job.

    1. Just saw your comment Rhonda. She's outgoing at times and shy at times, but she gets so excited about the Razorbacks and is totally enthralled with the cheerleaders. So we usually have a good time at these events, as long as we don't see the mascots!! :-)