Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chris' Birthday

I am very jealous of the timing of my husband's birthday.  Like I said before, the beach is my happy place.  I love being at a pool or lake.  I'm just a water person.  But my birthday falls in September, a week or two after Labor Day.  As a kid I hated the timing of my birthday because I always wanted a pool party but my birthday fell after the pool had closed for the season.  Chris, on the other hand, has a summer birthday, and that lucky boy got to celebrate his birthday while we were at the beach!
Sara Kate made a special birthday present for her daddy and we brought it with us so he had fun presents to open.  As for the how-to on this little project, I bought letter stickers at Hobby Lobby, stuck them to a canvas, let her paint the canvas (which started with brushes then ended up with her hands), then peeled off the letters.  The letters stuck and were hard to get off, but I thought the finished product turned out really cute, and she was so proud of her 'paint.'
After a fun morning on the beach, we cleaned up and went out to have a little fun!
We went and rode Go Karts and played Putt-Putt!! :-)
We went and ate a yummy seafood dinner before going back to the condo, eating a very random cake my dad was kind enough to go get...fruit cake...haha...
 Then we headed back to the beach to look for crabs.  Sara Kate had been talking about seeing crabs all summer.  We found one...see it??  I'm not sure she was too impressed with the little guy, haha!
I hope Chris had a fun birthday while we were in Orange Beach.  But as a belated surprise, I planned a little get together without his knowledge...
We had a fun group of friends join us for a little dinner get together last night at one of his favorite restaurants, Sassy's Redhouse.  If you're an NWA local, check it out!!
You can't have a party in Fayetteville without a birthday cake from Rick's!! :-)
I hope the birthday boy had a fun extended celebration!!  We're thankful our friends came out to celebrate with us last night, and we're glad my parents got to celebrate with us at the beach!

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