Sunday, August 11, 2013

Family Beach Pictures

I promise this will be my last post about the beach but I had to share these awesome pictures.  We did the obligatory 'beach pictures.'  We loved sitting on the balcony and seeing all the families go down to the sand and shore line in their white and khaki or jeans.  We are not a white family!  I don't think I own much of anything that's white and I don't trust a busy 3 year old in white, ha!!  So instead of white, we went with the blue color scheme, and I think our pictures turned out fantastic!!  Maybe I'm partial to the cute 3 year old in the adorable ocean smocked dress that we had to bribe with ice cream to get through the photo shoot. :-) 
 Sara Kate is really into us making 'funny faces' when we take pictures so we do it and she loves it!  When she wants to make a funny face we always say 'smile pretty first then we will make a funny face!'  See the picture above?  Works every time, haha!
Sara Kate loves her Ghee and Poppa!!
 Wish my brother and sister in law were with us in this picture.
This may be one of my all time favorite pictures of me and Sate Kate!  My favorite place with my favorite!!
This is a great shot of my parents.  Again, we are so thankful to them for giving us the opportunity to go to the beach for the week.
And Chris captured a couple of candid shots without me knowing seeing these sweet moments.
And that my friends wraps up my posts about the beach!  Stay tuned my first time to guest blog and for a look back at some other summer fun!

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  1. the pictures are beautiful! we just did some too a month ago.