Friday, June 29, 2012

First Pool Party

Tonight Sara Kate had her very first 'pool party!'  Her friends Landry and Emma came over to eat dinner, play, and play in the baby pool!  Sara Kate did very well sharing her toys, although she did not want her friends using her pink cups!  Last time Emma came over to play, Sara Kate and daddy had to have a talk about sharing, ha!!  But the girls did good together.  Brandy and I have been friends for several years now and it's fun now that Landry is getting to an age that she and Sara Kate can play together (they are almost exactly a year apart).  I've known Jill for several years also, and it's fun that she has a baby girl close in age, too!  I invited our friend Elizabeth but she couldn't make this one.  Hopefully soon she and her babies can come play!
This picture melts my heart.  Landry and Sara Kate were looking out the back door before going outside and Sara Kate was telling Landry something and Landry was listening so intently.  So sweet.
 Checking things out.
This sweet girl loves the water!  She is always so serious whenever we see her (at church) but it was so fun seeing her little personality tonight!
Miss Emma didn't want to play in the water (although she is definitely a water baby from pictures I've seen her mama post on Facebook) but she had a wonderful time on the swing!
And when she was ready to play, instead of the pool she found a hole dug by the dogs that was filled with water from water spilling out of the pool.  That was big fun!
 We turned on the bubble machine and got the biggest smile out of Emma!
More pool time!
Emma is a March 2011 baby, Landry is a April 2011 baby, and Sara Kate is an April 2010 baby.  It was really difficult getting these 3 still for a picture, and this is a crappy picture but it's the best I got.  And all 3 have quasi-smiles so I'll call it a success! :-)
We're so glad our friends came over to play tonight!  See you all soon!

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