Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up and Happy Birthday, Meme!

After hanging out at the house for a couple days because of the snow that came through, we've had a busy weekend! Friday night Chris and I went to a show at the Walton Arts was Parsons Dance Company with East Village Opera, and it was excellent!! Modern dance performed to rocked out opera music...sounds weird but it was really cool! Chris even enjoyed the dancing, along with the singing, of course. While we were there, Meme and Poppa took care of Sara Kate, and they had big fun. Sara Kate has a new favorite toy at their's like a gumball machine/slot machine with balls in it. She learned how to pull the lever to release the balls and put them back into the hole. She even had big fun playing with that yesterday. We have no pictures from Friday, oh well. Now, onto Saturday! It was Chris' mom's birthday (Happy Birthday, Meme!!), and we had a great time over at their house celebrating with her. She wanted to hang out with family and enjoy some lunch and that's just what we did. Jenny and Chris prepared an excellent lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and soup, we played some Wii, and just enjoyed time together. Meme didn't get her wish of Sara Kate crawling, but she's still just thisclose. She can move herself backwards like a pro, she just can't figure out the forward motion. Oh well, it'll come.
These girls are so sweet! Hannah just loves Sara Kate and every time they get together it's so fun to see them interact more and more.
Here's a picture of the gumball/slot machine toy. Probably makes more sense seeing it! :-)
Bubbles are fun, too!
The lunch preparers! Ya'll, Sams Club has some awesome soup! We had some wonderful Tomato Basil soup, and the Baked Potato soup was good too, although it was no home-made potato soup! :-)
Lunch time...dark picture, my bad!
Proof that Sara Kate actually has hair!! Look at it! :-)
The girls helped Meme open her presents!
Then time for more play...
Practicing her archery...
And crawling practice...ha!
You may be wondering about the dress Sara Kate is wearing...or you may not, but it's so stinkin' cute I must discuss it! Sharon and I were at the fabric store back before Christmas looking for material for Christmas dresses for the girls. Sharon saw this and thought she could do something with it. The penguin was actually material to make a pillow out of (a front and back). We matched some background material, and this was the result. Absolutely adorable! They even had a little penguin for Sara Kate and a bigger penguin for Hannah. These girls have one talented Meme!
Ok, back to the weekend...last night Chris' band (Wade's Not Coming) was playing and so we left Sara Kate with a sitter (for the first time at night) and I went to meet up with some friends and hear them play. My plan was to get Sara Kate to sleep before I left, but she was having none of that! I passed her off to Ali to rock to sleep (because she was very close, just fighting sleep) and she did NOT want me to leave. So she cried. And I changed clothes and I could hear her crying. It made me feel bad to leave, but Ali handled it and got her to sleep. I stayed out way too late and am super tired today (after going to bed at 1 and sleeping until 3, then being up with Sara Kate from 3 to 4:30, then back to sleep from 4:30 to 6:30...yikes!), but oh well. We had church, said goodbye to Chris' dad, and have been hanging out at the house playing and napping. Hopefully Sara Kate will sleep a little better tonight (she has a cough that kept waking her during the night) because I have a super busy week this week and sleep would be appreciated! :-) This upcoming week closes one chapter for me and next week will start a new one. I'm talking about a new job...ahhh!! Maybe I'll write more about that later. Anyway, wish me luck on wrapping things up this week. Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!

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  1. She is growing up soooo quickly! I love her sweet smile! Does this mean you got a job in Fayetteville? I hope so; I know that would make life a lot easier for ya!