Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cody!!

Today is Cody's 5th birthday! Of course, with a shelter dog you never actually know, but we adopted him on March 16 and they said he was 8 weeks old, so we've always said his birthday is January 16. This was him the day we brought him home. So cute!
We went to the shelter looking for an older dog, and then checked out the puppy room. And then we saw him and were smitten. He's a lab/border collie mix, and he definitely has characteristics from both breeds! Some herding (collie), a little attitude (collie), very smart (both), but the one interesting thing about him is that he hates water. We cannot convince him to get into the kiddie pool in the yard in the summer. He'll tolerate a bath once we get him in the tub/pool.
Poor guy was a mama's boy and his world got rocked when Sara Kate came into the picture. He's ok around her, although the Border Collie in him makes him a little more skittish. He sniffs her, and will give her little kisses, and will let her 'pet' him for a little bit, but once she starts throwing food on the floor, he will become her best buddy. And I think they will be buddies when she gets older. He's the protective type so boys, watch out! Ha!
So Happy 5th Birthday, Cody! You can be a pill with your obsessive barking and you can act like a little girl with your whiny barking, but you are a part of our family and we love you!

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