Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

Better late than never, right?!? Hope everyone had a great New Years! I'd say we kept things pretty low key. We went to a friends house and Chris, Phillip, and their band (Wade's Not Coming) jammed a bit. The guys were supposed to have a New Years gig at a bar/restaurant but at the last minute the place ended up double booked so WNC took a rain check. It was a fun evening. Chris' mom was kind enough to stay at the house on New Years so Sara Kate could go to sleep in her own bed and she wouldn't have to drive home late. The girls had a good time. Meme said Sara Kate was such fun that night...good thing! I hate leaving her and then finding out she was a pill. Ha! I have no pictures from New Years but I'm going to back up a bit and post the last of the Christmas pictures I wanted to get on here.

Actually, first I want to do a little 'Best of 2010' Recap...or maybe just a 'Month by Month' Recap (because going back to work doesn't fall under the 'best of' category!)!

January - Started working on Sara Kate's nursery and super fun snow days!
February - Our niece, Hannah's, 2nd birthday and our baby classes at the hospital
March - More super fun snow plus my baby shower
April - Sara Kate's arrival (duh!!)
May - My first Mother's Day
June - I went back to work after maternity leave, Chris' first Father's Day, and our 5th anniversary
July - Chris' 30th birthday and Sara Kate's first 4th of July, which included meeting her Texas family for the first time
August - Sara Kate started school
September - My 30th birthday and Sara Kate's baby dedication at church...oh yeah, and the start of Razorback football!!! And how could I forget, my best friend came for a visit, which means Sara Kate got to meet her Georgia 'family!'
October - Sara Kate's first Halloween
November - Our first big road trip for Thanksgiving and having Sara Kate meet her Alabama family for the first time; finding out we're getting a nephew
December - Our first Christmas as a family of 3!

Ok, that was fun! Now for the rest of our holiday pictures!
Sara Kate on Christmas Eve in her dress from Meme!
Church on Christmas Sunday
The end of last week Aunt Holly was in town and she gave Sara Kate a few Christmas gifts, one she absolutely loved!!!
That would be 'Tara the Tiger,' if you couldn't tell. I've never seen her go so crazy for a stuffed animal before, but she loves this thing. She hugs it and scruntches her face into's cute. Definitely a good gift!

Chris got some new camera equipment for Christmas and he's been having a good time playing with it!
This is just a funny picture. Sara Kate is like, 'This is my puppy dog, and we're just chillin'!' Cora is such a good girl!
Finally, if you'll recall, my last post was about Sara Kate getting her first tooth (which was Wednesday and it was her bottom right). Well, not 3 days later, her 2nd tooth came in (bottom left)!! I am very confident it came through on New Years Day (Saturday) because I checked on New Years Eve and it wasn't there!! So Happy New Year Sara Kate! Not only can you feel the 2 teeth, we can see them, too! Chris has been trying to get a picture of them but with not much luck. However, we think he actually did manage to get a picture of them the other day. Look closely!
Upon closer inspection, that might be drool. Oh well. One of these days we'll get a picture of them!

Hope everyone is having a great 2011 so far!

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