Sunday, June 13, 2010

Her First Bug?? And Hello Wardrobe!!

We've had an eventful weekend! I was going to do another 'Photo Saturday' post yesterday but never got around to it because we've been busy with the babe! We think Miss Sara Kate has her first 'bug.' Saturday started off great...because SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!! Hallelujah! Friday night I put her to bed about 10 and she didn't wake up until 5:30 Saturday morning. 7 and 1/2 hours! I would definitely say that's sleeping through the night! She nursed for about 30 min. and fell back asleep for a couple more hours, which let me go back to sleep for a couple more hours. Yay! When she woke up, she nursed and that's when the fun began! She started spitting up. At first it was just a little bit, then it was a little more, then it was enough to need an outfit change, then it was enough to need another outfit change...including morning and night time pajamas, she wore 6 outfits yesterday! We had some friend in town from Texas come by and visit (thanks for coming by Mandy and Fish...miss you tons!!), and then Chris and I needed to run to Target for a baby gift. At this point, Sara Kate had a really mild fever so we took her to Meme and Papa's house (Chris' parents) instead of taking her with us (where she eventually got one of the 6 outfit changes). We did what we needed to do, picked up Sara Kate, came home, I tried to nurse her, and she passed out. She was in bed about 10:30 and woke up today at 5:15...once again, I'd say that's sleeping through the night! Yay! While she was eating, she had major diaper explosion so out of her pajamas she went, and into outfit number 1 for today. We sat down to finish feeding, and she was doing great! She was looking around, being all smiley and cute, and then BOOM! Puke explosion! Fortunately, she was facing out and not facing she covered herself, my lap and arm, and the boppy in puke. Into the bathtub she goes and into outfit number 2 for today. She's also having some diarrhea today; that combined with all the spitting up makes us think she has a bug. I guess it could be a delayed reaction to her shots?? The nurse did say that the oral vaccine could cause some extra spitting up. Who knows. Anyway, we decided she shouldn't go to church so she and I have been hanging out at home...I would have hated for her to have projectile vomited on the person sitting behind us...ha! The funny thing about it is she's been so happy and so stinkin' adorable all weekend. She certainly doesn't act like she feels bad! And so far we're still in outfit number 2 and she has eaten again so maybe whatever it is is working out of her system. I took some cute pictures of her yesterday morning and this morning. Enjoy!
Play Time!
I don't know what she's doing in this next picture, but I think it's hilarious!
Look mom, 2 hands!
Bath time!
Time to be cute!
Sara Kate has this new thing she does that looks like she's being bashful. She'll smile and pull her hands up to her face. She's doing it in this next picture.
The flash went off and she's like 'whoa, what was that??' But look at those eyes!

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