Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 Months Old!

Sara Kate, you are 2 months old today! What are you up to these days?
- At 6-weeks, you started sleeping in your crib! You go to sleep in your crib, you wake up during the night to eat, and then you go back to sleep in our room. Transitioning to the crib was no problem at all!
- You a pretty good sleeper at night. You're going to bed between 9:30 and 10 (usually) and you are sleeping until 3:30-4:30 am (you can go a good 6 hours). Last night you even made it to almost 5. So you are super close to sleeping through the night! Mommy would love that but I'm happy with you're schedule lately.
- Naps...ughhh!!! You aren't a very good napper. Alot of times you take a good morning nap (except on Sundays when we go to church...that deserves another ughh!!), but you tend to fight napping the rest of the day or you just take little cat naps.
- You are now wearing size 1 diapers! When we moved you out of newborn size (which was only about 2 weeks ago), they were pretty big but they are starting to fit better now.
- You are wearing 0-3 month clothes. Some stuff is still big but some stuff fits you pretty good (Carter's brand 0-3 month and Old Navy 0-3 month stuff is what is fitting the best). In fact, I took all your newborn clothes out of the drawer last night. :-( You didn't have many newborn outfits, but you sure wore the heck out of the ones you had! Goodbye cute little strawberry outfit...
- You are smiling so much now and I absolutely love it! You love looking up at your friend, who I think has been named Fred the Fan, and smiling at it. You also get really smiley when you're laying on your changing pad! And of course, you are smiling at mommy, daddy, and your grandparents!
- Your grandma Greer (we're gonna start calling her Gran...until you decide to call her something different!) says you are starting to coo! She also said you are trying to figure out how to laugh. You started doing this weird cough thing that she said is you trying to learn to laugh. We can't wait to hear that beautiful sound!!
- You are starting to really like playing with your toys! I'd say your favorite is probably the big mirror. You love to look at the baby in the mirror! There are a couple of toys you will hold on to if we make you, like the antenna on your Love Bug and this one rattle that has a skinny handle. You also like your activity mat! You can lay on it for 30 minutes or so and be perfectly content!
Ok guys, I've got my car keys and my cell phone...I'm ready to go!!
- Speaking of being content, you are getting better about sitting by yourself and just being happy. You like to sit in your vibrating chair (with the vibrator OFF!) in the living room and stare at the tv, out the window, or at the fan.
- Your head control is getting pretty good! You can sit and look around and hold your head up like a big girl...for a short period of time, anyways. :-)
- Tummy time isn't your favorite activity lately. All it seems to do is make you mad!
- During the day, you are drinking between 3-5 ounces of milk per feeding. We start with 3 and add an ounce more if needed. Sometimes you are content with 3 oz., sometimes you need a little more right then, or sometimes you need just a little more an hour or so later. You're still doing well with the bottle, and we've never had any nipple confusion with the bottle or pacifier. I am thankful for that!
- You're such a happy baby, and we've loved watching what new things you've learned in the last 4 weeks. And of course, we look forward to watching what the next 4 weeks bring! We love you, Sweet Pea!

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