Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mommy & Sara Kate Day

Chris had to work most of today so Sara Kate and I have had a day of togetherness.  I had to run some errands this morning so we got ready and headed out around 10:30.
She cracked me up with her accessorizing.  She pulled out all the purple necklaces and bracelets that matched her outfit (which she called 'the colors') and insisted on wearing them.  It was cute, plus I was impressed with her matching, so I didn't argue. :-)
The main thing I had to do was run to Sam's to pick up flowers for church tomorrow.  Sam's is a mad house on Saturday so it took a while but Sara Kate was content sitting in the cart and 'eating snacks' (the samples on Saturday's are awesome!).  Then we took them to the church and got them all ready for Mothers Day.  She cracks me up sometimes...she can be such a little ham!
Anyone who knows Sara Kate knows that she is extremely strong willed.  She wants to do things her way and in her own time.  I love her so much but she stresses me out (which makes me feel bad!!)!!  So taking her to run around town, especially by myself, takes alot of will power of my own.  Before we left home this morning, we talked about being a big girl and a good girl and listening to mommy (listening is not always her strong suit).  I told her if she she was good and was a good listener we would do something really special.  That got her.  She was pretty good while we were out so after her nap I followed through, and we did something really special.  We did something we've never done before.  I took her to get her nails painted!!  I get pedicure's in the summer and it was time to start!  I started painting Sara Kate's toenails last summer (she talked about 'pink toes' all the time) so taking her with me to get my toenails done was a big girl thing!  She was so excited.  
She said she wanted purple, I think because she had on purple today.  I thought for sure she would pick pink when we got there but she was set on purple.  And she did so good.  She sat in my lap, soaked her feet with me, waited patiently while the guy did my toes, and sat pretty still while he painted her nails.  I was just going to have him paint her toes but she started talking about her fingernails so he did both.  She was so proud!!
 After getting nails done, I went through Sonic and got her a lemonade...
Then we went and did her favorite thing...we went to the playground!  Another example of her being a ham! :-)
She played for a while before we had to come home to fix dinner.  Chris is home now and they are cuddled on the couch watching 'Tangled' and she looks pretty tired.  We had a busy day!  I said she stresses me out but I do love her to pieces and I love our time together, especially experiencing new things and seeing excitement in her eyes!

Oh and here's her funny quote of the day, said with quite alot of animation: 
"I'm a BIG BIG BIG BIG Super Girl!"

Hope everyone had a good Saturday!

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