Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend

I haven't blogged much lately but life has been busy.  The school year is winding down, the weather is heating up, and Sara Kate is as busy as ever!  We had an uneventful Memorial Weekend with beautiful weather and lots of family time.  I ended up with an extra day off on Friday because Sara Kate's school was closed and she had an eye appointment that morning.  There's lots to say about it but I'll write more about that later.
After we left the eye doctor we went to Chris' school and had lunch with him.  Of course the best picture I had, Sara Kate had her eyes closed!  :-)  But she loved visiting daddy and he took her around the office and showed her off.
The highlight of her day was coming up next...I took her to Berryville to visit her cousins!!  The whole way there she kept saying, "I want to see Hannah."  I kept telling her we were on our way there!  And of course she wouldn't nap because she was too excited.  Jenny had to work but Jason was home with the kids.  Hannah was equally excited to see Sara Kate...I just love those girls together.
Hayden tries so hard to keep up with the girls, even running around the yard in princess high heels, haha!
Hannah said she wanted to go to the river, which is something Jason takes them to do on Fridays.  They go fishing and have fun playing in the water and sand.  Sara Kate had an idea she was 'going swimming' with Hannah, as she found the packed bag that morning before we left home.  And she was beside herself with excitement at the thought!!  They live close to the Kings River so we piled in Jason's truck and headed down there.
Sara Kate went fishing for the first time, thanks to her Uncle Jason, and she loved it.
She kept saying she wanted to catch a fish and she did.  And she was so excited!  And she even touched it and held it, which shocked me!! 
We had a great time in Berryville and we appreciate Jason giving us time to spend with Hannah and Hayden!!  Chris and I had a dinner to go to that night (thanks to Meme for keeping Sara Kate!) and my parents got into town really late.  We went to bed before they got here and I had a dream they didn't get here until morning because dad decided to race a car on the interstate and their car started smoking.  Haha!!

Saturday was a lazy day.  Sara Kate had a fun time playing with Ghee and Poppa.
Once she went down for a nap, mom and I ran a couple of errands, including picking up Sara Kate a new swim suit, and Chris started cooking some yummy ribs for dinner.  After naptime, and as promised, we went and played in the water.  Check out that sassy pose in her new swim suit!
My mom bought this little bug thing that gets attached to the sprinkler and water flies out in all directions.  She was so excited and loved it...
Until water sprayed her in the eye and she was done!  Haha!  And then she wanted in the pool.  So we filled up the pool and she had a blast.  We had a wonderfully delicious dinner with Chris' parents here as well.  Love having our families both together.

Sunday was another lazy day.  To be honest, Sara Kate's nap time being when it is and the fact that she HAS to have a nap or else she's a gigantic pill, kind of put a hamper on us trying to do anything.  But that's the way it is right now so we'll deal with it.  We did get out that afternoon/evening for dinner and some play time.
We made a stop by Cabelas after dinner and Sara Kate loved seeing the fish and all the animals.  And I had fun being a goofball!  I was being a goof and the guy in the fancy gun room was like 'come check this $15,000 gun out.'  Say WHAT?!   He said it could kill an elephant and even had gold and silver on it.  Fancy!  So what did I do?  I continued to be a goofball!!  HA!!  And Sara Kate thought it was so funny.  She kept laughing so hard and saying "Mommy is silly, mommy is silly!"  So I'll pinch my pennies to start saving for my safari, HAHA!!!
 Dad and Chris went to Best Buy after dinner and mom and I took Sara Kate to the play ground.  She even made a little friend there!  We stayed until dark and came home to bath and bedtime. 

Today started out with a bang!  Dad and I went to the Fayetteville trails for a run.  Now I'm used to 3 miles about 3 times a week.  He pushed me and we went for 4.75 miles.  It was my longest distance and longest duration.  Felt good!
Mom and dad left around noon and we're always sad to see them go.  After they left Sara Kate walked from room to room saying, "Where's my Ghee and Poppa?  They not at my house?  Where's my Ghee and Poppa?"  So pitiful.
The rest of our day has included laundry, family time, and a project for Chris, fixing some door knobs in our house that broke...that turned into changing all the doorknobs in our house!  Fun!  And after a long day, a certain 3 year old thought we should fill the pool at 7:30!  So we did.  And she played some more.
Thanks to all the military men and women that serve our country so that we may have the freedoms that we have!  Happy Memorial Day!

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