Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Time is Here!

After Thanksgiving, the Christmas season officially kicks into high gear, as we all know from endless commercials on tv and tons of junk emails about sales. Last Sunday started the Advent season at church so we started the season of cute Christmas clothes! How adorable is this little dress?! I know, it's a super weird expression on Sara Kate's face, but I did the best I could. :-)
After church, after brunch, and after a little more play time, my parents left. Sara Kate was sad to see them go but she was in desperate need of a good nap (she was exhausted because she had been awake for many many hours...nightmare about 2 am...ugh!!). While she was down, Chris unloaded all the Christmas stuff from the attic and we got our house all decorated! I've posted before (last year) about our Christmas decor, but the main attraction at our house is the tree. At one point a few weeks ago, Chris said we shouldn't even put up the tree because of Sara Kate but my comment was that she has to learn!! However, we did decide that we wouldn't put ANYTHING breakable on it this 'Our 1st Christmas' ornament, no cute little Razorbacks or Bulldogs, and certainly no 'Baby's 1st Christmas' ornament. Only plastic red and gold ornaments and the silver bells I've collected over my life. I say nothing breakable, but one of the dogs (who shall remain nameless, CORA) managed to chew up one of the plastic gold ornaments which left glitter all over the floor (and thankfully she didn't eat the hook!!), and one of my bells broke due to no one's fault (music box fell out of the bottom). Oh well.
Sara Kate woke up from her nap, and I was ready with the camera to catch her reaction to the tree. Unfortunately, I got lots of blurry shots, but here are a few semi-focused ones. She just had such an amazed look on her face.
Cody even got into the Christmas spirit (reluctantly)!! :-)
And Cora even has some awesome reindeer antlers!
For the most part, Sara Kate has left the tree alone. Every now and then, she will go up and look...
But then she'll snatch an ornament and run! I imagine that's how our whole month of December will go!

On December 1st, she broke out one of her Christmas outfits to wear to school. I love post-Christmas super awesome deals that can be stashed back for the following year!! :-)
December also brings the busy concert season for Chris! Doesn't he look handsome?? :-)
We've knocked out a good bit of our Christmas shopping, and I still have all the wrapping to do. However, I don't think I'll be putting the presents under the tree...the 2 presents I do have wrapped are sitting in our room, and Sara Kate keeps coming in and pulling the bows off. I think the tree plus the presents under it might just be TOO much for her. :-)

Since this is a Christmas post, let me go ahead and post a few pictures from the lighting of the Lights of the Ozarks a couple weeks ago.
We ran into one of Sara Kate's little friends from her class, Remy. His mom calls Sara Kate 'his girlfriend.' They held hands briefly. :-) He's 2 months younger than her but when they're running around at school they look like they could be twins because they're the same size and both blonde.
On Saturday's at the Farmer's Market there is this band of high school kids and they call themselves 'Farmer and the Markets.' Well, now they are 'Lights and the Ozarks.' Creative, ha!!! Oh, and I love those girls in the background, haha!!!!!
That sign is for a website, I checked it out and it's a local church that just wants to remind people the real reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus, not all the hustle and bustle that we get caught up in alot of times, and that we should remember to love the season for what it is.
All lit up!!
Happy December!!

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