Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Part 1

Christmas 2011 with my family has come and gone (we'll call it Christmas - Part 1), and it definitely wasn't as picturesque as I imagined. See a trend with me having these perfect images in my head and them just not coming to fruition? Ha! Shortly after our visit with Santa (which was Thursday), Sara Kate started running a fever and she got really lethargic. Chris wanted to go ahead and take her to the doctor since we were getting ready to go out of town. Sweet girl just wanted to cuddle and wanted absolutely nothing to do with being examined. She had a temperature of 101 and the doctor said her ears were red but he couldn't tell us much else because it was so early in the course of her sickness (like within 3 hours of her starting to run fever we were at the doctor). Since it was almost a holiday and we were leaving town, he went ahead and gave us a prescription for antibiotics just in case she got worse and we took it with us. Sara Kate did so great on our 8 hour trip to Alabama on Friday, but it was obvious she didn't feel good. Saturday she woke up again with fever and was just very lethargic so we decided to go ahead and get the prescription filled since it was day 3. On Christmas Day, she didn't have fever, but it was obvious she just didn't feel good. Poor baby. And then the diarrhea started...ughhh!! 2 days of that, plus the 3 days of fever made for just not the best Christmas! On top of being sick, she slept in her pack n play in our room and woke up every night crying between 1 and 3, she didn't know where she was so I put her in bed with us (she's never slept in bed with us). I learned she's a wiggle worm, plus I was nervous about her falling, so I didn't sleep much while we were there (and I see myself in all the pictures and think how awful and tired I looked!!). Other than not feeling well, she did GREAT at my grandmother's house (which is full of stairs and lots of breakable stuff, which made this mama very nervous!). When she was feeling ok, she had a blast playing with her older cousin Sara, who she met for the first time, and Sara was so good with our Sara Kate (yes, there is a Sara and a Sara Kate in my family...Sara is my youngest aunt's daughter and she's 7, and since we had Sara Kate's name picked out as our girl's name long before she was even a twinkle in her parents eye, we just rolled with it!). We made it home yesterday and she has seemed much better today, although she's been very fussy, which is just not her. She has her appetite back and is drinking more so that's good. Hopefully she's on the mend. I have to go back to work tomorrow and Friday, and Friday afternoon/evening we will celebrate Christmas with Chris' side of the family (we'll call that Christmas - Part 2!). Enjoy some pictures from our Christmas - Part 1!

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