Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week Wrap-Up, plus sickness update

I feel like I haven't blogged about anything substantial lately. And yes, weird title. I just wasn't sure what to title this blog because it's kinda all over the place. I've been meaning to write all week but have just been exhausted. The last few weeks have been busy in the Michaels household. Not only have they been busy, seems like everybody in our house has been sick! I posted last month about me having a stomach bug, and then I wrote about Sara Kate being sick for the first time. Well right after that I ended up with an upper respiratory infection, so said the doctor. I was completely miserable for about a week. For me to complain and want to take medicine, Chris knew it was bad because I don't complain about not feeling good and I hate taking medicine! I was dying for medicine this time, and nothing worked. Well, the Tylenol Cold and Sinus didn't touch it. I finally called my OB's office asking what I could take that would be safe for breastfeeding. The nurse said a Benedryl product and night and a Sudefed product in the day...that those were safe for the baby but they would affect my milk supply. So I tried the Benedryl at night and it didn't work at all...and my milk supply went down! When I finally got in at the doctor, I got a steroid shot, some antibiotics, and a cough medicine. After a few days, I was finally on the mend. Now I think I have some allergy issues. Ughh!!! Last weekend, Sara Kate got a runny nose again and she still had the cough from a few weeks ago so I finally filled her antibiotic prescription. She's doing alot better! Chris went to the doctor this week with a sore throat and he has some kind of inflamed tonsil so he's on antibiotics, too! Seriously, I need to disinfect my house! HA!!!

Let's see, what else is going on...

Sara Kate is adorable as ever!! And since starting her on antibiotics, her sleeping has gone back to normal. Sleeping through the night like a pro! In fact, today she slept until 7. Chris got up with her and she played like a good girl until about 8:40. I heard her start to get fussy so I got up and fed her. What a good girl to let her mommy sleep in! And it was glorious!! I needed that!
And she just took about an hour nap. We learned from her school that they key to getting her to take good naps is to SERIOUSLY swaddle her!! We have always swaddled her at night but not for naps. They do double blanket, arms works because she went right to sleep!
My little Sara Kate burrito!
Now I'm gonna back up a little bit with some pictures! Last Sunday night Chris planned a little party for me for my birthday. We went to Jose's and had a nice dinner and celebration with friends. I knew we were going out to Jose's but didn't know anything other than that. So it was a nice surprise.
Like I already mentioned, this week was full of nothing...just work and school for Sara Kate. But yesterday was a special day for my in-laws. They celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. They, like my parents, are great examples for Chris and I. They stopped by before they went to dinner to see Sara Kate but mainly so Chris could take their picture. Here are a few pictures from last night.
A hug for her momma (that's a new thing she does)! My sweet girl!
Happy Anniversary to Bob and Sharon! We love you guys!
What a loved little girl!
A little later last night we had to have a little photo shoot because Poppa (Chris' dad) brought Sara Kate a fabulous new accessory from the Kansas state fair! Yep, check out that awesome headband!!
Daddy makes me giggle!
Hangin' with mommy!
Riding on daddy's shoulders is super fun! His hair are the reigns!
And finally, a little sit and stand action!
Time for me to get off here. Hogs vs Dogs are on and I keep getting up to watch. Plus it's time for me to feed the babe. Hope ya'll have a great Saturday! Go Hogs!

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