Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello 30's, it's nice to meet you

Yep, I made it to the big 3-0. Thirty years. Three decades. I feel old, but then again I just feel indifferent about turning 30. Thinking back, what did I want to accomplish by the time I turned 30? Done with school. Check (with 2 degrees). Good, solid job. Check. A happy and fulfilling marriage. Check (and I really lucked out b/c my hubby is awesome!). A baby. Check (once again, lucked out b/c my child is amazing!!). So what am I lacking? Absolutely nothing. I have great friends and an even greater family. So all I can say is, hello 30's it's nice to meet you. I hope you treat me as good as my 20's did!
Sara Kate says, happy birthday mom! I'm all the present you need! :-)
(Had to add the last couple of pics for the grandparents...they would probably get upset if they didn't see any pictures of their darling granddaughter!) :-)


  1. Happy birthday! Although, I don't in any way believe you are 30! :-)

  2. Of course we want to see pictures of our darling granddaughter....Oh, and I'm glad you had an awesome birthday.
    Love you,
    Mom Michaels...MeMe to Sara Kate!