Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Week of Firsts

So this week brought several firsts for the Michaels Family, including Sara Kate's first visit to the pediatrician, her first ride in her stroller, her 1 week old birthday, and our first parent freak-out. Lets start with the pediatrician! Tuesday we had to take her in so they could check her stats. She weighed in at 6 lb., 13.5 oz. He said her weight was great...he had expected her to lose down to 6 lb. 8 or 9 oz., so she's doing great with weight. He said on average babies gain about 1/2 an ounce per day and sometimes they can gain a whole ounce a day. We - guess I should say I - take her back Friday for another weight check.

Before we left the house...raise your hand if your Sure! :-)
On the way there
Snuggled up with daddy, waiting for the doctor
Like I mentioned, Sara Kate also took her first ride in her stroller this week. We loaded her and one of the dogs up and took a nice walk around the neighborhood. She did good...just kinda hung out the whole time. It was a nice family outing...minus one dog.
Thursday, Sara Kate turned 1 week old! Can't believe our little girl is already a week old!! Chris built her little vibrating chair so we let her hang out in that for a bit. She seemed to like it...I put her in it this morning after her bath and she sat in it for a while and was quite content. Hopefully it will be a nice alternative to laying in the crib or us holding her.
Finally, our first parent freak out. Friday morning she was fussy and then the area under her eyes got really puffy and red...kinda like where your sinuses are. We didn't really know what to think so Chris called the pediatrician and they said bring her in. The doctor said she looks perfect, and the redness/swelling under her eyes was more than likely a swollen tear duct. How would we have figured that out?? We wouldn't have! Anyway, he pushed and rolled it back into place, and Saturday she looked fine! Crisis averted. We have no photo documentation of that little trip. :-) Oh, and the pediatrician we saw also has a daughter named Sara Kate. What a good name!

All in all, we're doing well. Sara Kate is a pretty good baby. She gets fussy when she gas bothers her, and right now she hates bath time!! She really likes to be held and she likes to be swaddled. She likes to lay on my chest after eating, and we've taken a nap or 2 like sweet girl. As for eating, she's a good eater! She definitely lets me know when she's hungry, and she'll eat for about an hour. We seem to be on an every 3-4 hour schedule for the last few days, including at night. We're doing our best to get on a schedule, but I guess at a week old it all depends on what she wants. Chris goes back to work tomorrow, and I'm a little nervous about doing it all alone. He's good at taking over in the morning to let me sleep in a little more or to take a shower or even to let me nap at some point in the day. So we'll see what the week brings!!

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  1. She's is absolutely gorgeous!! Y'all make pretty babies!!