Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lights of the Ozarks

We have been so incredibly busy this Christmas season and the season has flown by.  But we FINALLY made it down to the Fayetteville square tonight to see the beautiful Lights of the Ozarks.  We have been every year, and I love this Christmas tradition.  This year we went with our friends, the Hunleys, and Sara Kate loved being there with her friend Ella.
Ella is adorable, and she and Sara Kate are such cute little friends.
The girls ran around and looked at all lights, pointing at this set of lights and that set of lights, giggling, and following each other around, climbing all over the rocks.  Last year Sara Kate wanted to 'touch the Christmas,' meaning she wanted to touch the lights.  She was more excited about seeing this year than touching...although there was a little touching between the 2 of them...sneaky girls!
Downtown Fayetteville is totally covered in lights.  They start preparing months in advance and it's a huge attraction for our town.  It's really a beautiful sight.  
Ya gotta love a Razorback out of Christmas lights!! :-)
Chris took some cool shots of the lights.  I love the blurred effect on lights so I thought these pictures were neat.
It is FREEZING outside tonight so we didn't stay too long, just long enough to walk around and see all the lights and get some pictures!
Chris went back and looked at old pictures and he did a little comparison.  2011 is on top and 2013 is on bottom.  Love this!!
One last story to make note of...and this story is seriously the awkward moment of my life!  We got around to the east side of the square and Sara Kate was following Ella, and Rachel and I were following close behind the girls trying to get them to slow down and come back.  Well I look up in this cute little corner covered in lights with a bench and there was a guy down on his knee, proposing to his girlfriend.  And it was being recorded.  And Rachel and I are in the background, right in the line of the video recorder, yelling, "Ella!  Sara Kate!  Slow down!  Come back!"  The girls were headed straight for that spot, we couldn't hardly stop them, they fussed when we grabbed them (especially Sara Kate...'stop, put me down!'), and we quickly took off...and all that was recorded in the background of someone's sweet little proposal.  I was mortified when I realized what happened.  Needless to say we never walked back around to the east side of the square after that!  FAIL!!!!  

Happy Christmas week!! :-)

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