Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kindergarten Registration

I cannot believe it's here.  The first step in the process has come.  That means it's real.  She's old enough.  It's time.  Kindergarten registration was today.  It's early this year.  I wasn't expecting it until April but Chris' mom said everything is earlier this year because the district is 'reorganizing.'  Chris is out of town so I had to go this one alone, which was ok.  This one was simple.  Easy.  I told Sara Kate about it last night.  She's been looking forward to kindergarten since she saw her cousin Hannah graduate from kindergarten last May.  So last night I made a big deal about what was going to happen and she was so excited this morning.  She kept saying, 'we're going to kindergarten maration.'  Haha.  She didn't have to come, but by taking her with me it saved me a trip across town and back to take her to daycare.  Plus I wanted to make it special for her.  We had to go to the bank to the safety deposit box to get her birth certificate and social security card first and then we headed to registration.
It was anti-climatic, in that the office staff made copies and I filled out the enrollment form on the computer, they printed it, and I signed it.  But the office ladies were so nice and were making a big deal to Sara Kate about starting kindergarten.  She kept wanting to write her name on the sign in form with their cute little flower pen.  They said, 'oh she looks ready!'  Yes, she is!  And just like that, my baby is registered for kindergarten.
After we left the school, we went back by the safety deposit box then to the grocery store to pick out a special treat.  She picked 'little white donut,' which she loves.  It's fine with me because it gives her some breakfast the next few days!
When I got to work I took a look at the packet of information they gave us.  It included a calendar, what's expected as far as vaccinations, and things she should know.  Shapes...done.  Numbers...done.  Alphabet...done.  Lower case and upper case letters...done.  Comfortable using a pencil, markers, scissors, glue, paint...done.  Comfortable writing their name...done.
So that was our big day.  She's ready.  And she's excited.  And I'll be excited for her, once I get my emotions in check after each step in the process, ha!!  My baby's growing up!

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  1. I let Clara "sign" her name on the one form where it asked for it. She puffed up about 10 feet high. :)