Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July Weekend

I know I'm a couple days behind, but a super fun weekend has come and gone.  In fact, it was so much fun!  Chris found it to be exhausting, but I found it to be quiet relaxing.  Maybe that's because I'm still hyped up on steroids, ha!!  I got off work early Thursday and picked Sara Kate up from school.  We came home, had dinner and went to dance, before heading to the Northwest Arkansas mall to see the firework show! We met up with our sweet friends, the Vann's, and we sat in a field beside the movie theatre.  It was a great location!  Sara Kate was so excited to see Landry and watch the fireworks with her.  I love these sweet girls so much. They are so precious together.  Sara Kate brought her princesses so they could play while they waited.  And once the fireworks started they sat together and ate popcorn. 
Love this picture!!
This was our second year to go watch the firework show at the mall, and I'd say it's a great tradition we'll continue in future years!

Friday morning we were up, playing early, and waiting for some very special visitors.  My brother and sister-in-law were coming for a visit from Memphis!  We haven't seen them since Christmas so we were all very excited.  I didn't tell Sara Kate they were coming, but once they got here she started being so goofy and showing off because she was so excited.  We cooked some burgers for lunch before heading out for a fun pool day.
Happy Independence Day from the Michaels family!
Remember my blog from a couple of weeks ago about the little girl who was terrified to get off the steps and clung to me like a monkey??  Well that girl is GONE!!  In the last 2 weeks we have made MAJOR progress on the swimming front.  She's swimming by herself, jumping off the side, and even jumping off the diving board all by herself!!  I am SO proud of her!  
We spent a couple hours at the pool swimming before it started clouding over pretty good.  We stopped for ice cream on the way home before spending the evening at home cooking out, eating yummy food, and listening to the war zone that was our neighborhood thanks to everyone shooting off fireworks! Sara Kate was exhausted so I had her in bed by 8:30, before the fireworks started going off around us, and thankfully she slept right through it all!

Saturday morning we had a little bit of lazy time before Uncle Phil and Aunt Holly got to see Sara Kate in action in her gymnastics class.  No pictures but she did get a ribbon for being a great listener that said 'I did my best for the Williams Center.'  She was proud of her 'rivvon,' as she called it.  We had a nice lunch downtown at Loafin' Joe's (if you haven't been there, go!  They make their own potato chips and bread...yum!), before doing a little shopping.
And after naps, it was time for more swimming!!  Once again, we had another great afternoon at the pool.
And once again, Sara Kate did amazing, swimming all over and going off the diving board over and over and over and over and over and over again.  These still shots crack me up, especially the tongue out, ha!!
And because I'm a proud mama, we have more video too. :-)
And because Chris is a proud daddy, he took video in slow motion that he's pretty proud of!
We took our left over BBQ from Friday night with us to the pool and shared it with our friends, the Morton's, whose pool we had been crashing all weekend.  We had a lovely visit and Sara Kate had fun in 'Mrs. Jane's house!'  We were in the back yard and she sat on this green bench and said, 'Mommy, look at this pretty green bench.  I'm going to sit on it and I want you to take my picture.  It's so pretty and it'll be such a cute picture.'  HAHA!!!  Ok baby girl, whatever you say! :-)
We got home in time for bath and another early bed time, before the fireworks started up again in our neighborhood.  I'm such a old lady when it comes to fireworks, ha!!

Sunday morning brought a lovely church service, brunch, and having to say goodbye to Uncle Phil and Aunt Holly.  We were sad to see them go, but we had an amazing weekend with them, and we're so thankful they came to visit.  I know Sara Kate had a blast with them.
So that was our super fun weekend.  I'm already looking forward to the next holiday weekend and a trip to Memphis soon to visit Phillip and Holly!

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