Monday, June 9, 2014

So I'm in the Hospital...Part 2

My last post was kind of a downer, and I apologize, but that's where we were at the time.  So I think I can start this update with a little bit of good news. The other day the surgeon seemed quite sure about the plan...steroids, another CT scan, another colonoscopy, and surgery.  Quick, fast, boom, done.  We unexpectedly saw him on both Saturday and Sunday, and he seemed more impressed with my progress each day.  He decided to move forward with the CT scan today and make a plan from there.  The GI doctor came in about an hour after the scan and said the inflammation is improving, which is the point of the steroids.  After consulting with the surgeon, the GI doctor said they want to continue the use of the steroids for a little longer because they are doing their job.  The idea is to switch me from IV steroids to an oral steroid taper and possibly send me home tomorrow!  Eeek!!  So I got kind of excited.  Then the surgeon came by this evening and said the same thing...the CT looks better and he wants to continue the steroids to bring down the inflammation as much as possible so he can get the best look during the next colonoscopy.  BUT he said it maybe Wednesday before I go home.  Not definitive, but he's the one in charge.  So that kind of brought me back down, upsetting.  Miss my peeps.
This situation isn't resolved, not even close, but the next colonoscopy, surgery, etc. will not be quite so immediate.  He said once I'm released he will see me as an outpatient within the next 2 weeks for the next colonoscopy and determine how much surgery is necessary.  If the 'proximal colon' (the rest of it, aside from the stricture) is much improved he can maybe just go in and just remove the stricture and not the entire colon (which is what he originally thought).  So that's good news.  

There have been changes on the diet front.  I have been moved from a clear liquid diet to a soft/bland or full liquid diet.  Actually, we're wondering if maybe they messed up the order because yesterday they brought me chicken and mashed potatoes and today they brought me blended vegetable soup (hello baby food consistency...and so gross!!) and pudding for lunch and blended chicken noodle soup (not AS bad...kind of like bland cream of chicken soup) and cream of wheat (no thank you!!) for dinner. I'm experiencing a good bit more pain again today with cramping, and I assume that's because of the diet change.  So that's a fear I have about going home and trying to eat what I'm supposed to to minimize pain.  But I'm sure there will be plenty of discussions about all kinds of stuff before I'm discharged. 
For your viewing pleasure...please don't be jealous, HA!  And for the record, I'm still starving and got upset when I saw blended soup tonight.
When it comes to my sanity at the moment, I am so thankful for the support we've received this week.  Family who have shuttled Sara Kate mom took her to gymnastics, her Meme took her a birthday party, and her daddy took her to a birthday party over the weekend.  All things I usually do, which I missed doing.  Also, my dad came up for just 24 hours. 
Before one party...
 After another party, showing me her balloon...
Pictures daddy took during a party so I could see...

And speaking of being thankful, I am beyond thankful for my sweet friends who have come by. I'm so thankful for friends who have just stopped by to chat.  I'm so thankful for friends that have brought me entertainment, like puzzle books, magazines, things to read, and I have some beautiful flowers to look at.  I'm so thankful for friends who have not only thought about me, but have thought about Sara Kate, and have been bringing things for her.  That melts my heart more than anything, that these sweet friends would think of HER also.
I was dreading sitting in the hospital all weekend and the visits, calls, texts, and messages really helped passed the time and made it not so bad.  So THANK YOU!!  

I'll end with one last picture.  Chris brought Sara Kate up this afternoon and she brought her magic wand in with her.  She said 'Bippity boppity boo mommy!  I brought my magic want to make you better!'  Melt my heart sweet girl and cue the tears!
So that's the latest update.  You're prayers are still very much appreciated.  Hopefully my next update will be about my ability to bust out of this joint!  HA!! :-)

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