Monday, May 26, 2014


Last week I was talking to my friend Julie about taking Sara Kate fishing with her uncle and cousins, mainly because we went Memorial weekend last year and she has been talking about wanting to go again.  Except I didn't say 'fishING,' I said 'fishIN,' and she thought it was hysterical how my southern drawl came out.  I am a southern girl, born and raised, and some words come out way more southern sounding than others...apparently, FISHIN' is one of them.  HA!  Today after my parents left, Sara Kate and I loaded up and headed to Berryville.  She was beyond excited to one, see her cousins, mainly Hannah, and two, go FISHIN'!  We had this conversation in the car on the way there...

Sara Kate: Yea!  We're going fishing!
Me: Do you know what fishing is?  (just wondering if she really remembers)
Sara Kate: Yes!  It's when you go to the water and catch fish.
Me: How do you catch fish?
Sara Kate: With our hands.
Me: No silly.  With a pole.
Sara Kate: With a pole?  Oh yeah!  With a pole!  Hannah and I are going to put our faces in the water.
Me: You are?
Sara Kate: Oh wait, no.  We can't put our faces in the fish water.  The fishes might bite our noses and slap us with their tails.
Me:  laughing...

She cracks me up.

Pretty quickly after we got to Berryville, we headed to the river.  These kids were beyond excited.  And I can't help but laugh looking at these silly cheeses!
 I had one VERY excited little girl!
Most of Jason's family was there, his parents and sister and her husband and kids, and even my sweet friend Julie, who made fun of the way I said FISHIN', joined us with her adorable little pup!
The kids swam, even though the water was freezing!!  Kids don't care about that though, ha! And I use the term 'swam' loosely because the water was very shallow and they could all touch just fine, but they enjoyed floating and letting the current take them a little ways before walking back and doing it again (don't worry, there was plenty of supervision).
Me: Sara Kate, are you cold?
Sara Kate: No mommy.  *shaking and teeth chattering*
Then Uncle Jason, his mom, and Aunt Jenny broke out the fishing poles!  And a somebody caught their first fish of the year!  And she was SO excited!!  And it was adorable!!
She even wanted to hold it, which of course didn't last long because it squirmed right out of her hands.  But she did hold it!
All the kids took turns catching fish before we had to head out because rain was coming.  But we had a great day.  I love doing fun stuff like this with my big girl, and I loved hanging out with friends and family.  And I'm glad she got to expend some energy because I had a WILD child on my hands this morning! 
She had a great day and was exhausted this evening.  Early to bed...yea!!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend!  We're so thankful for all the men and women who serve our country and allow us to live in this great, free land!

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