Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When it Rains, it Pours!

We are fortunate in that we have a very healthy kid.  Always have.  And I'm so so thankful for that.  The last time she went to the doctor was this time last year and it was for an ear infection.  But the last month has been a different story.  About a month and a half ago she got a bump on her bottom.  Then there were 3.  Then there were 5.  Sara Kate told us they itched, she called them her 'bug bites.'  We were kind of at a loss as to what it was (when it was just 1 bump, then 3), but when there were more I made an appointment for her to go to the doctor.  

Turns out she has a staph infection.  WHAT?!?  How did I not think of that?!  My bachelors degree is in microbiology, we studied that bacteria extensively (granted that was 10+ years ago...ouch!!), and I freaked when Chris told me what the doctor said.  But thankfully it wasn't the 'bad staph,' the antibiotic resistant kind.  We got a prescription of antibiotics and went on our way.  After the 10 days, the spots looked much better but then she developed a yeast infection from the antibiotics.  So back to the doctor she went, on President's Day.  The doctor gave me a prescription for a fungal powder, but said the infection should go away now that she was off antibiotics (and he also said the original staph spots looked really good, better than he expected them to after 10 days).  5 days later she was still red and irritated so I filled the prescription and started using it.  The next day she had more spots and immediately I knew the staph infection was back.  We still had oral antibiotics in the fridge so we started her back on that.  But more spots showed up, and yesterday some popped up on her face.  NO!!  Back to the doctor she went today.  
Yes, she still has staph, but again, thankfully it's not the bad staph.  She said Chris and I were probably carriers, even though we don't have any spots, and she gave us a nasal ointment antibiotic for all 3 of us to use.  She also gave Sara Kate an antibiotic ointment for us to put on any spot, cut, scrape, bump that is on her body.  Oh yes, and to top that off she has a stye on her right eye...caused by what??  Oh of course, STAPH!  So we have nasal ointment, antibiotic ointment for the spots, and an antibiotic ointment to go ahead and put in both eyes so it doesn't spread to her left eye.  And lets throw one more thing in there.  Yesterday Sara Kate's head filled with snot and she was sneezing snot green snot clumps everywhere, all day long (sorry, I know that's gross but it's true).  The doctor checked her out, chest, ears, throat, and nose, and said it looks like allergies.  
Again, I am very thankful it's nothing major, but lets throw some Children's Benadryl in with the rest of the medical regime poor Sara Kate is now on! 

She did great at the doctor so she got a special treat on the way ice cream cone!  She's been asking for one for a while now and she was super excited to get one!
After her bath, we did everything we had to do.  She did great taking everything.  The Benadryl is pink, which she says is yummy because it's her favorite color.  She knows the medicine helps her 'bug bites,' she said I tickled her nose when I rubbed the ointment inside her nostrils with a q-tip, and she was a PRO when she had to sit with her eyes closed for 2 minutes.
To me, this is a pathetic looking picture.  Poor baby.
Hopefully we can get this nasty bug wiped out...gotta get this thing knocked out before SOMEBODY celebrates a birthday next month!!

I'll end this by saying I am not complaining, PLEASE don't take it that way!  I know there are many many children that suffer way more than they should and that is heart breaking.  But this is what we are going through right now and I document our life on the blog.  I'll keep ya'll posted!

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